[Berserk: The Cataclysm] Babarians, Island

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As has been said before, in different words:

I think you should at some point take a closer look into the land mechanic, especially into the babarian mechanic. You focus on punishing players for not login in every 15 hours. Now its the second time I had to be offline for a day or two, and when I come back my island is full of babarians (thats even worse than the missing islands). Other games reward me if I come back after some time of absence, they try to get me hooked to the game again. Berserk works the opposite way. I see all these babarians which are really boring to fight again after a 1000 and more fights, the effort it would take to build the land again… do I want to rebuild a second time? Not really.

Just imagine you come to work after your holiday and a huge stack of papers has grown on your desk whilst you have been away: Is that a good experience? Are you happy to come back to work? I think you would be happier to come back to work if your boss surprises you with a promotion instead, just saying…

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Thank you for your feedback.
Yes, we are discussing how o change this user experience. Your post is in time. :-)