[Monsters' Den Chronicles] A small boss strategy guide...

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Well, the title speaks for itself, doesnt it? PS: Dont expect me to be exact with names, as I have the name memory of a fish. TRUST me: When you fight then, you will know who they are.

Boss 1: Void Engine( Act 1, floor 2 ).

There is very little to say about this one. He comes with two Acolytes, who, as always, you will want to slay first to prevent the annoyance of their healing and summoning. As for the boss himself… He is basically sheer brute force. His attacks can hit many units for high damage, but assuming you already dealt with the Acolytes, you can always just use Pin and similar skills to keep him stunned most of the time…

Boss 2: Acolyte Runath( Act 1, floor 3 )

This one might be slightly trickly. Technically, Runath himself is not much better then any regular acolyte… The true annoyance are the two Ascendents. They not only can buff the entire enemy team, but they also can ressurect their allies-And sometimes eachother. You might want to make a effort on ignoring the enemies in the front row until they are dead, although unless you have a full-ranged party, it wont be possible. Either way, a usefull combo is Rogue Poison with Stealth attack, to help killing then faster. Disentegration is a excellent way to guarantee your enemies will stay down. Nature Wrath is a fairly good way of dealing with all the buffs, too… Once both Ascendents are dead, the battle is pratically won already.

Boss 3: Necromancer( Act 2, floor 1 ).

Another slightly annoiyng boss. The Necromancer has high Hp, and the ability to redirect your attacks to his Skeleton Guards. He also has the ability to ressurect then, so… You get the spirit. Pierce is fairly usefull here, as well as other skills that can hit multiple enemies to cheat through the Necromancer powers. Again, use Disintegration to guarantee the skeletons stay down if you have it. Overral, this boss fight will be long, but not hard. Remember to remove Mortality whenever possible, and dont rely on ressurection abilities: The Necromancer can destroy the bodies of fallen enemies.

Boss 4: Death Knight( Act 2, floor 2 ).

Another long as hell boss fight. The Death Knight is VERY tankish, but there is a lich in the back row. Kill it. It can use many annoyng debuffs, including, but not restricting to, Necrosis, what will make your job healing MUCH harder. And, in a fight as long as this, you will want healing. You will need healing. If you are having trouble, try to kill the Corpse Warrior and Exhumated Guard before the actual Knight, as they arent as resilent. Although, if you do, dont attack the Guard while it is under the effects of Inexorable, for it will be pointless. Or, if you do, dispell it somehow beforehand. Try to dispell or stun the Knight when he uses Martial Arts, and that done… You should probably win that one.

Boss 5: The King( Act 2, floor 3 ).

These boss fights are getting longer and longer, aint then? Luckily, this one isnt hard either. Another Death Knight, with the King behind him, and a little Exhumated soldier. The King will constantly summon undead, but it doesnt do much else: Try to ignore the rest of the undead until the King himself is down. Every so often, he will use Imperial Decree in one of your units. That unit can expect to take a hell of a beating, so if you dont have the means to dispell it, try to heal it if it is wounded, use defensive buffs if they are avaliable, or even have another unit to use Shield Wall( As they both will demand enemy attention, they will compete for it ). Once the king is down, the same strategy from the original Death Knight fight applies here.

Boss 6: The Betrayer( This one would probably do better with its name ommited anyway. We dont want spoilers now, do we? )

This boss may not be the most resilent boss you fought so far… But it has the ability to summon a exact copy of a party member of yours. He seems to only be able to do it once, though, luckily for you. If such party member was healing focused, the ability to bring back the dead, or had a particularly large firepower, you will want to take him down first for obvious reasons. If not, as always, you can afford focusing in the boss himself. The regular strategy applies here, no big tricks…

Boss 7: The Soul Eater( No, not the one from the anime ).

This somewhat tankish boss is being backed up by a cleric, which have the ability to cast Infernal Fire above your units for significant damage, and can also summon a couple of undead rangers. That excluded… He can literally only summon a couple of undead rangers( As in, two of then ), so if you prefer to deal with their annoyance first, feel free. It might be a good idea, as a manner in fact, as one of then can use a trap spell that causes attackers to become stunned. What reminds me, as always, Nature Wrath helps against this. The boss likes using Prepare Reaving to cancel your whole party health and power regeneration sometimes, and Punishing Whip to cripple a specific party member firepower. Dispell Frail Soul( The debuff applies by Reaving ) if you can, and if you cant, just try to survive for a couple of turns, as it should wear off quickly. As for Punishing whip, have your most tankish party member to stay in the front of the boss, eating it over and over again, healing whenever necessary…

MAKE SURE TO ONLY KILL THE CLERIC AFTER THE SOUL EATER IS DOWN. There are two reasons for it. The first is that the cleric can regenerate, and the soul eater cant. As the cleric is right behing the soul eater, you will find it easier to focus all your firepower in the cleric once he is the last one left. The secound is that, when wounded, the cleric will transform into a Possessor and begin using Mind Control in your characters, what is pretty damn annoiyng, as it will basically cause the target to attack a nearby ally. You can dispell it if you want, but truth be said, if he is the last guy on field, it is unlickely the Possessor can kill anyone by himself. So, the classic strategy applies: Stun him when you can and keep on a steady offense, and he will go down easily.

Still working in act 5. Feel free to share your own strategies, as well as add up any details I forgot…