[Syfy Monster Island] Stupid Question Time!

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Hello all!

Hopefully this can be a place where people like myself can ask stupid and/or n00b questions, I will shamelessly be the first.

As setting: I started on Facebook and then migrated over to here because of the Kongregate evangelism going on in the now infamous Living Deadcroc raid message board. In started from scratch with an account here, I have a few queries given as I created my original account looong ago and forgot some stuff.

Like where Bertha comes in. My Kongregate version of myself is now level 21 and I still haven’t gained her as a squad member though I am fairly certain I acquired her presence much earlier on Facebook. Has she been discontinued in an effort to get users to buy squad members, or have I somehow managed to bypass a critical mission?

Second question: While upon thought I can understand that it controls a form of “double-dipping,” is there truly no way to access Kongregate raids from Facebook and vice versa? Obviously if you post a boss to the raid message board it is seen by both Facebook and Kongregate players, so any “cheating” by using two players on a single boss is still possible with the limitation of making it public (because you can’t friend between FB and Kong, I understand), but for MINI-bosses it is not. In particular, I’ll be in Kong chat and talking to someone, thinking like a level 50, and they post a link to some level 23 mini-boss and of course I want to help…having only an hour can make it a frustrating thing to do alone. However, I am then abruptly reminded that I am just a baby on Kong. I have tried all sorts of manipulations based on the links that work to link Kong users to Kong bosses/mini-bosses and their Facebook counterparts, but nothing has worked thus far.

Enough of my rambling for now. Other things I can think of are largely just technical problems. Thanks for reading!

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Nope. No free Bertha. We get Matt.

As for cross system playing. No clue. Im one of the people FB screwed over and havent been back since.

Also doesnt look like fully clearing a Kongre map gets any bonus award like it mentions in the FB FAQ.

And yeah. Croc was a monumental disaster and so far the devs have neither spoken up nore recompensed the players for the mess. Chicken King was pretty bad too as hardly anyone got more than rags and junk.

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Wow, pretty odd then. I don’t know what happens if you start a new account through Facebook, but whenever it was that I started playing, you casually acquired Bertha. In Kong she’s not even available to add as a squad member with Mega Cash, so maybe some of you had no idea what I was talking about. The Facebook version decidedly has some advantages even if not- namely, it has an in-game icon below the Megashop one when you are at your base that has various trial-pay offers to get Mega Cash. Maybe most of it is unappealing and it is more efficient to just buy the credits, but it does offer that option AND sometimes all you have to do is watch a video (not often, but sometimes, and then you get 1 or even I’ve seen 2 Mega Cash). It doesn’t have the game chat though; you just have the fan page where they post links to announce a world boss or what have you. Forums are nice as well, I wouldn’t have anywhere else to ask my Stupid Questions unless I submitted a support ticket.

I’m not familiar with the Kong clearing bonus idea, but I don’t have much luck finding any game info through Facebook, Kong is certainly superior in communication.

Thank you for responding, by the way!

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Bertha is in the shop. Scroll down and there she is in the row with Reppy and Virensburg.

The “Earn Megacash” button has the same general effect of granting Kreds for filling out surveys, joining sites, etc. No passive ones far as I know. You can earn 20 or more kreds from the easier ones and two or three is enough to get at least the megacash needed for premium.

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How do you beat bosses fast?

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Good gear helps and skills that work with your preferred weapon.

Also premium account doubles your energy recovery rate so you get a full refill every 30 min.

I have been focusing on HP increasing gear as the longer you can survive the more damage you can output. Also if you can secure a second crew, thats one more person to take hits for you, effectively adding more HP to your total.