[Berserk: The Cataclysm] Suggestion: improved research

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basic idea is simple, after first couple weeks, the elemental experience players gain become completely useless. So here is a method to use them more or less endlessly.
Basically, one all research of a given element is completed, you can research each card again. And when all research in all elements is done a 2nd time, you can do 3rds, and then 4th and so on.
The cost of research will double each time, the benefit would be a reduction in the cost of the card, both ounce and imperial where apply. I would say 10% of the original price would be a suiting amount. note that due to the fact that price double every time, while the reduction becomes huge and ultimately will lead to 10-20% cost cards, it’s almost impossible to get it to 0 cost, as that will take thousands of lands 10 years to do. (reduce to 20% is already 2 year…) And if new cards are ever introduced to the lab, each will increase the time required by 5-10%, which is a matter of months at the later repetitions.

Any other alternative use idea are welcome, heck I would be happy if I can get an element pack for 50-100k experience. Just please come up with a way to use this huge experience I’m piling up.

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Thank you for your suggestion.
I will forward this to the game developers.