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The Dungeon Overlord team is very excited to expand our reign to Kongregate! We appreciate the Overlords who have taken the time to participate in our Beta. Kongregate introduces the third server world, for Dungeon Overlord, and is called Necropolis. You may see it referred to this way in Update Notes, or other Dungeon Overlord news.

We will actively communicate on the Necropolis Forums, and hope you use them to discuss the game with other players, leave feedback and suggestions directly for the Dungeon Overlord team, produce game guides and strategies, as well as participate in valuable discussions on game features and updates.

While playing Dungeon Overlord, if you run into any difficulty logging in, in-game account problems, or other support issues, you can contact Support directly through email. They have tools that can assist you on an account level, and will be able to troubleshoot directly with you. Send your full name, best contact email address, and a detailed description to support@nightowlgames.net.

You may also submit Bug Reports to Support. When reporting bugs, it’s important to include reproduction steps. We will do our best to reproduce the issue, so we can get it fixed as soon as possible. We may need more information from you on the issue. This could be a simple follow-up question, or a request for additional details.

We are working actively to have our Support Website login system ready to support Kongregate users in the near future, so that you will be able to log in to review the status of your issue.

Happy Overlording!
The Dungeon Overlord Team