[Monsters' Den Chronicles] Changing formation midbattle?

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So this Death Knight keeps punting my melee front line to the back; is there any way to move my guys forward?

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Well there is a move called ‘change formation’ on the Captian Warrior…..

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Ok, in this game we can ‘miss’ and ‘dodge’, yet we can’t walk? we have to stand in one spot entire battle?
Movement should be an option (1 tile at a time). Heck, you could even give it ‘cost’ of some sort to use.

Reminds me of those bad mmorpgs, where you and enemy stand in same spot exchanged blows…
I really hate this type of mmorgp battles… boring, unrealistic, battle of attrition.
(so you and your enemy are just looking into each others eyes, standing in SAME SPOT, not doing anyting while you wait for your attack cooldown timer to reset so you can attack again…)

I prefer dodging and using terrain to advantage, shame most mmorpgs are cash grabs (and usually fail).