[8BitMMO (Construction Sandbox)] How to: Survive in the Wilds Without Getting RKed.

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IF you wanna survive out in the wilds without getting random killed, follow these steps:
1.Try and make friends with EVERYONE on the server currently on.
2.Build a house and get an owner only door.
3.Try and run as fast as you can by everyone and every mob.
4.Run to the edge of the world, thats where you can build your house.
5.Make sure you aren’t an enemy to anyone in the server, or else your gonna end up getting RKed.
6.Try to not kill as much lawyer cats as possible, because your gonna end up losing health and being an easier target for RKers.
7.You can just run for your lives and go in a town XD
Thats it! Have any more steps? Please post in this forum :P

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Yeeesss. That is a way not to randomly die. My suggestion however, only requires one step. Stay in motion and go in circles. Keep as much distance as you can from the mobs while still grabbing thier attention. Then, zig-zag until they are all lined up behind you. Then just stop, turn in the opposite direction you were currently running in and spam the spacebar. Boom. Enemy iz dead. This will take some practice and it is not fool-proof. (Dern Cats and your laggro claws.) And #6 is a really good point. You have to learn when enough is enough and take what you can get. (Being Greedy only wastes your time. Trust me on that.)

In regards to #5 on QteeePie’s list, that is a true statement. Granted I find it to be trolling to repeatedly gang up on a person just because you made a mistake or said the wrong thing. However, I cannot deny I think justice is served when these spats come into play SO LONG as it remains an (singular) eye for an eye. Otherwise that’s crossing the line and I’ll have to get involved.

In Summation:
Mobs: Bob and Weave.
Players: Don’t give anyone a reason not to like you. (And if some random idiot starts stirring up trouble just tell a mod. Taking care of those goons is our job.) However, understand that PvP IS a part of this game. But if you don’t like it you can just opt for #7. :P