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Read Me First

We’ll use this thread to post information about updates to the game. Each update will get a new post, so scroll down to the bottom to check out the latest changes.

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6/11 Game Dev Update

• Quality settings added
•Note: Changing to lower settings may affect the readability of text. Simple is the default graphical setting.

6/13 Game Dev Update

• Added buttons to Tokens purchase page, “Like” or “Follow” us to get free Tokens

• Brands page updated
• Anti cheat functions implemented
• My Collection page displays Experience and Ticket boost based on collection title
• Idle player will automatically be kicked from rooms
• Private room check box added to create a game
• Splash damage fix
• Server issues fixed

6/14 Game Dev Update

• Political Puppets added

6/19 Game Dev Update

• Alice pack added
•8 new toys
•2 new weapons

• Additional updates
•1 new TDM map – Bad Place 3
•Action Awards added
•Anti-Cheat update
•Weapons can be previewed in store
•Color coded Ping indicator added to Tab
•Green – Good
•Yellow – Moderate
•Red – Bad (Note: Means you will experience high lag and will suffer performance issues)

7/4 Game Dev Update

• In-game chat added
• Ninja Toys released – 9 in total
• New Level – Bad Place 2

7/18 Game Dev Update

Build Notes:
• Game Designer pack:
•5 new avatars
•4 new weapons
•1 new mode: Capture Point
•1 new Capture Point map – Jungle

• UI updates and tweaks
•Server list displays number of players online
•Server name displayed on top of Room List
•Most populated room is automatically at the top of the room list
•Animations added to Toys in Store
•New Loading Screen
•Chat update
•Icon based player event log (shout out to Volrathx)

8/3/ Game Dev Update

Hello Bashers, You asked for and now it is here. Lots of new features and fixes are in this build.

Daily Quest – Players can now earn tickets, experience and tokens by logging in daily and completing different quest.
Also, for those who complete all the quest, you’ll earn a special weapons prize pack. Check it out now!

Big Sale and shop changes – All toys are now 50% off. We’ve heard your demands about weapon rentals: Weapons are now permanently purchased with tickets!

Item drops introduced:
New Ticket drop system – Now when you kill someone, they will drop tickets in the level. Grab them to increase your earnings.

New pickups in levels:
The team has also added new health packs and a Bash Pack to the level. We’ve added a 100% pick up as well as a 5% health pickup. Grab the Bash pack and your Bash Bar will automatically be full.

New In-game UI for Capture Point – Now the UI has 3 orbs that represent the flags on the level. Now players can know when a point is captured in real time.

UTC time counter is back

Several bugs fixes:
Re-spawning in the wrong areas – fixed
Re-spawning and performing last movement input before dying – fixed

Menu Updates:
New Loading screens featuring the BHB Toy Store.

Enjoy the game & have a great weekend.

8/15 Game Dev Update

•Weapon Drop: Toys in game, when shot dead, will now drop its weapons on ground. Anyone else may walk onto the weapon and press “E” to swap their current weapon with the one on ground.

•Ammo management: Each weapon now has reserve ammo rather than an infinite ammo supply. To get more ammo during match, either pick up the green Ammo Box in the map, or walk onto a dropped weapon to get its ammo, as long as it’s the same weapon.

•Simplified Economy: In the new build, we’ve simplified the XP system from “Action Award → Score → XP” into “Action Award → XP”. This means that all Action Awards now give XP directly during match.

•Custom Key Configuration: On the home page click the Sprocket icon to enter Settings and check out Control Settings. Now you can assign your own keys to actions in BHB.

•Chat censoring toned down: Modified the list of banned words to be more flexible.

•“Quick Play”: One click that takes you directly into a combat.

•General gameplay Bug fixing

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9/4 Game Dev Update

Weapon Accuracy, Recoil, Weight;
Boosters launched;
New female starter toy;
New capture point mode map;
New toy animations;
New UI sound effects;
New Ticket/XP drop models;
New action awards for CP mode.
Picture downloading optimization;
Various improvements & bug fixing.

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9/7 Game Dev Update

• Improved accuracy
• Decreased laser damage
• Reduced Recoil on most weapons
• Bug Fixes
• Bash Pack bug – regen is working again

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10/13 Game Dev Update

Features for the newest build:
UI updates and changes:

Updated Room list added
Server chat and player list added supports all platforms.
Lobby with room chat added
Mouse sensitivity setting added
Updated Map configuration settings: Ability to set Time, Score, Number of players, max and min Level
cap, and set conditions for joining a match in progress

Gameplay Features:
Dash added, players can now roll forward and dodge gun fire

2 new prototype game modes
Climber – PVE – single or multiplayer race inspired plat-forming game
Hot Potato – 1v1 match with a unique rule set

New Toy Store owner revealed
BHB Origin comic added to main loading screen

General bug fixes for stabilization

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10/15 Game Dev Update

Fixed Bugs:

Invisible Cursor/Crosshairs
Toy appearing in the back of the Lobby
Being stuck in the lobby until all player clicked Ready
Debug console
Can’t exit tutorial mode
Invisible Player fix
Invisible Health Bar fix
Falling through map bug (added new code to detect and respawn player when this happens)
Team Bar not displaying icon of last person to join a match
Players assigned to team when entering tutorial and Climber mode

Min and Max player information is displayed in the lobby
Sound notification when map loads in Lobby

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10/17 Game Dev Update

Everyone is set to “Playing” status after min number of players press ‘Ready’
Ready disappears when Host leaves the room
Room full error when room appears to have space reported by 2 different players
Daily Quest bug fixes
Quick Play bug fix

New European Server
Host can kick players from the room along with notification for the ‘kicked’ player
Players map loading percentage displayed in lobby
Team balance notification (players can’t enter a room and overbalance one team)
New Background for the lobby

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10/23 Game Dev Update

Capture Point game mode scoring bug for matches where the goal is 150 points Getting thrown out of a room after pressing Ready User state errors when trying to join a match White Team bug Tickets and XP not being rewarded after a match
Host disappears after kicking a player from a room when the match ended
2 players press Ready but are unable to enter a match Returning to the lobby changes player state

Added -Auto balance in lobby – players are only able to ‘Ready’ after joining a team that isn’t over balanced Removed – switch team on Pause – fixes team switch bug
Added return to Lobby button
Added Lobby UI Coliseum texture
Lower prices on all toys and weapons by an additional 25%

Experimental changes: (NOTE: These changes are experimental. Depending on player feedback and other factors they may be further tweaked or removed)
Max Health is now 200
Starting ammo doubled

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10/17 Game Dev Update
Disappearing Home Page fix
New UI for Pause Menu
Dash mapped to W by default
Roomlist status bug fix

List of experimental changes:
*HP 250
*Run speed tweak

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10/31 Game Dev Update

4 New Halloween Toys
Haunted Mau
Haunted Albert
Scarecrow Smalls
Cheshire Pumpkin Head

Level restrictions removed from all Toys and Weapons
Toys and Weapons price changes

In-game chat fixed
Added Broadcast alert system

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11/5 Game Dev Update

Grab you favorite B.P.R.D agent today

5 Hellboy toys

Abe Sapien
Roger the Homunculus
Johann Kraus
Elizabeth Sherman

Other build features/changes:
HP set to 200
Boosters version 2 introduced – Boosters are now consumable based on length of matches instead of time
1 match
5 matches
10 matches
25 matches
50 matches

New In-game Booster UI – Above player’s in-game icon, equipped Booster class is now visible ( Red – Offense, Yellow – Support, Blue – Defense)

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11/8 -9 Game Dev Update
Global Ranking can be found here: http://bigheadbash.com/ranking.php


  • Level up panel shows level up bonus of tickets and gifts boosters
  • Team auto balance based on in-game player’s position rather than lobby
  • Harley is default avatar for new players (requires signing up for a new account)

Bug fixes:

  • White Team BUG
  • Dedicated Host issues – player would enter one map but appear on another and interact with the level they were not seeing.
  • Fixed bug of changing avatar – avatar gets reverted when entering lobby or starting a match
  • Cursor missing when player go back to lobby from in game.
  • Avatar animation fix
  • Update loading image with new controls
  • Ninja chicken’s description.

11/12 Game Dev Update

  • New players now receive default number of tickets and tokens on first login
  • Older players also receive a onetime gift of tickets and token bundle
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11/18 Game Dev Update

  • DJ Turkey toy added
  • Main Menu UI update – New Daily Quest Icon, Tutorial removed
  • Tickets for Tokens can now be purchased from the Store
  • Jungle Capture time limit increased to 15 minutes
  • Bug fixing

11/26 Game Dev Update

  • In-game Ranking tab added – Top 100 players for level, collection, kills, win and Climber score added
  • In-game manual added – Controls, and basic gameplay instructions are explained.
  • Game Speed settings added to Configuration menu in game Lobbies – Players can now chose the speed at which they play. 4 modes are supported: Normal, Spiced, Rapid and Extreme. Rapid is what the game was like in Beta, Extreme is a newer version.

11/30 Game Dev Update

  • Leaderboard update to support user type from Kongergate, Aeria, Armor and Spicy World
  • Halloween toys removed
  • Holiday homepage added
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12/14 Game Dev Update

  • New Winter Brand Available with 3 new Toys and 3 new Weapons
  • Premium Content items price updated
  • Shotgun added to the shop
  • Limited Edition Gold Cheshire Cat added
  • First Time User Welcome Screen added
  • New Shop Background
  • Updated Match End and Tab screens added
  • Speed Setting Hint UI added to the bottom of Room List page

12/19/2012 Patch Update

  • Weapon attribute fix
  • Player weapons are visible on Tab screen
  • Booster UI update – remaining time on equipped boosters can now be viewed in Inventory
  • Premium Content Sticker ID added to Licensed Toys and Weapons
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1/23/2013 Game Dev Update

  • New brand – Mobsters
  • 3 New toys – Mobsters
  • 3 New weapons – Tommy gun, Molotov cocktail, Blue flamethrower
  • Introducing Death Boosters : 7 Total – Blue, Red and Green flames, Gore, Electrocution, Biohazard and Poo

BOTS Update:
HP lowered to 100
Bots now spawn with random weapons:
• Floatron
• Rocket Launcher
• Sniper
• Spyder 1 Laser