Turn Based Strategy Games?

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Hi, been having a poke around the market but haven’t

found anything to my taste or at least has free demos


Can anyone recommend any turn based strategy games for

Android? I’m on a Desire so preferably ones that don’t

require trackball or keyboard!

I’m thinking of games like Advance Wars, Final Fantasy

Tactics, UFO: Enemy Unknown, Lazer Squad type thing.

Anything that involves a good bit of turn based combat

and some form of levelling up.


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Roguelike games? There aren’t many half decent ones really… The only good free one on the market I’ve found is Andor’s Trail. If you want to pay or download the apk, try Legends Of Yore. LOY has 8-bit graphics though, same open-source graphics as ROTMG; some people might get turned off…

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Battalion: Nemesis