[WarFlow] August 28 Improvements-Levy Event

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Upgrade Magic 80%~100%
Forge platinum mode and supreme mode 30% off
Mine War silver 200%

Levy event and ranking
Normal levy silver 130%, force levy silver 150% and max force levy price is 30 gold
Time duration: Aug 29 maintenance to Sep 5 maintenance

Event 1: Normal levy and force levy bonus
Description: get 130% silver in normal levy, 150% silver in force levy and max force levy price is set at 30 gold.

Event 2: Levy Event and Ranking
Description: players can get extra rewards while doing specified times of normal levy and force levy and each levy will count 1 point. When the event is ended, players whose points list top 30 in the levy ranking board will win another set of rewards.

Daily Rewards: (levy times and rewards refresh at 05:00 AM)

Accumulative Rewards:

Note: after the accumulative times reach 300, every additional 100 times will be rewarded 1,000,000 silver and 30,000 honor.

Ranking Board Rewards: