[Red Crucible 1 & 2] cannot Fire my Weapons!! Help

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The problem that I am having is that I am unable to fire either of my weapons in Red Crucible 2 . I just purchased 250 coins and used those points combined with my accrued points to purchase a sniper rifle. However, I am unable to fire it. I have tried every button on my keyboard to “reload” and nothing is working. Nor am I able to find where to purchase additional ammunition , Can you please tell me what is wrong?
Any advise would be greatly appreciated

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Hi, ok so my first question is, can you fire your default weapons or vehicle weapons? My second question is, do you see the rifle skin/model in the game when you are actually playing/ moving around in a map?

All weapons have unlimited ammunition. It is therefore, unnecessary and also not possible, to buy extra ammunition.

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I CAN fire the basic default “assault” weapons (AK and AR15) but i cannot fire the default sniper weapons (weapons with optics) nor can i fire the anti-tank rocket launcher.
I CAN however operate the vehicle weapons.
I DO see the skin/model in the game when i am playing.
I am not able to function my secondary weapon either.

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Ok this is a tricky one and I might not have an answer. However, you could do a complete re-install of the game. Although I am not completely sure how, when you play via a browser. You can remove all cached data here:


Another thing you could do, is to download the desktop windows/ mac client. Then you can try to play the game without a browser. Or at least test if everything works this way. I do not know if the desktop windows client still works(it probably does) but you can download it here:


For a mac client you may have to do a search with Google. I know very litle about mac computers.

Good luck.