[Transformice] Surviving Survivor: Tips And Tricks for Room Survivor

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[Feel free to add any suggestions.]

-Most mice say totems are “gay”, but they work wonders. Try a bunch of cannonballs, or some cannonballs and attached crates and planks(to push the mice off).

-To avoid huggers, use the Meep ability, cannonball yourself and jump at the last moment(only recommended for confident shamans) or balloon yourself and attach your balloon with a b-anchored plank. This will allow you to float in midair where you can’t be hugged.

-Use hotkeys! 2 and 3 allow you to summon cannonballs amazingly quickly.

-Lots of shamans repeatedly cannonball a mouse who has shown that he either is too pro to be cannonballed or he is in a position where you are unable to cannonball him. This is a mistake. Try some other method!

-Get a sense of how long it takes to summon a cannonball so you can jump out of the way just as the cannonball appears.

-Hug the shaman! This is surprisingly effective.

-If the shaman is at the top of a slope and you are at the bottom, if you run up the slope you’re asking to get cannonballed. Either get a really thick meat shield or hide at the bottom.

-If hugging the shaman is ineffective, try to stay as far away from the shaman as possible, on some remote platform. The shaman will usually focus on the mice nearest to him first as they are easier to kill.

-If you are on a large platform and the shaman keeps cannonballing it, repeatedly walljump on the side of the platform. This means that you are constantly on the sides of the platform and not on the top where you can be cannonballed. Beware shamans spiriting you.

-If a vampire comes after you, repeatedly jump so he will find it difficult to keep in contact with you. Try to go to the top of the map as vampires will usually go to the lower portions(for laziness of walljumping).

-Try to have a meat shield of mice to protect you from attacks.

-If you jump just as a cannonball touches you, you might be propelled high up into the air. Use this trick to reach obscure platforms where the shaman will find it hard to cannonball you.

-Time is your friend! Once, the shaman had me trapped in a position that was easy to cannonball. My fingers were tiring and I was fatiged from repeatedly dodging cannonballs. I knew I would die soon, but just then the time ran out!

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What if I am a vampire?

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Additional Guide:
Vampire Guide
Survival AND Hunt.


Try to follow someone’s path. If someone jumps, jump. Basically hug them. Another way is to get a few guys that are AFK, and then, with luck, they’ll come back. The infection spreads, and once one is infected, work together to trap and infect others. It’s a bit hard. Good luck.


Jump over a vampire to avoid infection. With luck, you can make them trip over into a hole, and thin their numbers. Vampire Maps can be beneficial, because if you are the last survivor, and you survive, you are the only one that gets points. With this you can quickly jump ahead in the scores. Go through different paths. Don’t get repetitive or the vampires can trap you. Not as hard as when you are infected, but still watch out!

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Sure, hugging makes you survive longer, but it’s kinda nooby

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Oh Yeah um sorry about the triple post, but I just wanted to add that when you are shaman, you should try tricking mice into thinking you are spawning it when you are really just flashing the sparkles. Or, if you want to send cannons, send about 10 ghost ones, but on the 4-10 shot send a real one. Mice will expect a fake and won’t move (Hopefully this works. It does’t always :O)

Almost did a quad post there. Anyway, not a bad guide. Some of these methods probably need to be checked, but still, nice guide. I can see you spent some time on this. :)

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ty manuals it works :)

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This simply means that u cannot play good,this is why mice uses totems…

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How to avoid cannonballs:
1. Don’t let the cannonball bash your skull in.
2. Follow Step 1.
3. Success.
4. Repeat until turn is over.