[Chronicles of Herenvale] Guild Recruitment Thread, Calamitous Intent

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We are a growing guild taking all levels of active players! Our current focus is on raiding, so we like a mix of player levels to unleash different tiered raids (PVP not our thing!). This is the place to be for a helpful group who share raid kills!

No PVP or Plat requirements.

A few raid killl rules: On energy raids, only the unleasher can overdamage until a certain time limit. Overdamage means over bonus level 7 (OK to go a bit over to make the lvl. Time limit is when raid down to 24hrs for T5, and 12 hrs for T4.

For Stamina raids, we allow up to bonus level 4 for T4, and bonus level 7 for T5.

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Regarding our raiding, members generally raid or quest as they wish, although ask that all push every 3-5 weeks when we declare a “raid” week where we go for a top spot.

Regarding PVP, it is OK to attack guild members for a chance for them to get a point, except perhaps for those going for personal PVP honors – just let us know if you do not wish to be attacked.

One of the more laid-back guilds that still get into the top 10 periodically.

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i only can recommend joining our lovely guild, it must be the most friendly place you can find in the whole interweb. i even believe the world is still a good one when i log in into CoH (⌐■_■) lol seriously, the raidingrules mean that it is very easy to reach max-loot lvl on energyraids, as long as you’re not a babychar still. and even those get welcomed with a big smile here – for ever Calamitous Inteeeentttt!!!!!!! X))

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i want to add one thing, it’s quite important to let you now what happens home at C.I.;

Barrgraids; we have someone with a 10% summoning-ring, so we try to keep a bit of their health instead killing them, cause when HE kills them we are getting stamraids like SSyth f.e.sometimes. isn’t that a great thing!?! _

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