My game got deleted? again?

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Is there any way to find out why this is happening? It is really annoying spending all that time then bam! level 1.

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do you play on two different computers because if it is that’s why.

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nope only one.

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It puzzles me as well.

Known causes are: Flash not having been allowed enough space (right-click, choose Settings, move the slider to unlimited), clearing the browser’s history/cache/cookies manually or automatically on exit, using a temporary file remover or privacy tool like CCleaner.

Nevertheless, lots of people have had the problem without any of the above causes. You can always try backing up your profile between playing sessions (instructions here).

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hey do u clear all ur cache’s etc by going to tools then clear everything if did that thats why :)

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Yes, that was why.

If you still want to clean your computer every now and then, at least backup your profile (and any other Kongregate savegames) before you clear everything, then put them back into place afterwards.

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^ i learned that the hard way :(

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this is a flash problem and not a game/kong problem. if you recently updated your flash then you are hit with this issue. the new version places all .sol files (saved files) in a temporary folder which when you close your browser be it ff/ie/etc then that folder is deleted and the “memory” is released back to your computer to speed up your system.

if you updated your flash and noticed all of your saved games for all games are suddenly gone there is nothing you can do, they are gone. if this is your case you must now manually copy & paste your save file before closing your browser to a folder you can make for game saves. you can find your .sol by searching in your HD for .sol, if it doesnt show then you have to enable showing hidden files because these are considered system files by flash.

generally the path falls under something like this xxxxx being your login name for your computer not for kong (xxxxx\appdata\….)

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How to keep your mud and blood profile forever

1. disable any and all programs that may clear your cache from clearing your cache.

2. download Ccleaner its free.

3. Do you have your folder options set to show hidden files and folders? Most likely not. Open “My Computer”, at the top, click on “Tools”, “Folder Options”,
“View”, Scroll down until you see two checkbox under a folder named “Hidden Files and Folders”, make sure “Show Hidden Files and Folders” Is checked. Close out of “My Computer”.

4. open Ccleaner, go to “Options”, than “Exclude”. Choose “Add”, choose “Drive or Folder”.

5. Do you know what harddrive windows is installed in? is it C: Drive? Most likely.

6. Choose “My Computer”, “C:”, “Documents & Settings”, “TheNameOfYourUsernameHereFolder”

7. “Application Data”, “Macromedia”, “Flash Player”, “#SharedObjects”.

8. Choose “#SharedObjects” as the folder to select. Click “Ok”. Click “Ok” Again.

9. From now on, ONLY use Ccleaner to delete cache.

10. Congrats Soldier. Not only will your MudAndBlood2 saves forever exist, but any other flash game with saved profiles will also linger.

11. Click on your “Start” Button, click on “search”, from the selection choose “all files and folders”, in the box that’s titled “All or Part of the File Name” type “mudandblood2.swf”, click “search”. Your computer should find the location of your mudandblood2 save folder for you. Copy and paste it somewhere safe.

If for some reason, your computer search could not find the folder, use the below to find the exact location of your mud and blood saves

11.5. To make sure your profile exists, go to “#SharedObjects” Folder yourself from “My Computer”, From here you will see some strange folders that consist of uppercase letters and numbers, choose one at random. Go into it, and if there is not a folder that says “”, go back and choose another one. Repeat until you find “”. Go into “”, “gamez”, there will be a folder that will consist of numbers, if there is multiple choose one at random, you may enter and find more folders that consist of numbers, choose one at random, you should now find a folder thats called “live”, if so continue, if not go back and choose different folders. Inside “live” do you see a folder called “mudandblood2.swf” ??? If so, Congrats!!!!
Copy this Folder, and paste it somewhere on your computer safe and secure.

In case your saves get deleted for some strange reason and you want to put your backed up save back
Copy your mudandblood2 saves folder back to where it was located. If you have trouble finding where it was located again, open mud and blood 2 on kong, type in a random name, start, search for the mud and blood folder, replace it with backed up one, refresh mud and blood 2. New Save should now have taken over.
If it hasn’t, do the same thing, but instead of refreshing, exit your internet browser, replace mud and blood, open up your internet browser again. Go to mud and blood, save should be replaced.

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Thanks for the help, both of you!