[Chronicles of Blood] (News) September 4th – Epic portal bosses

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Children of the night,

we bring you epic portal bosses.

Epic portal bosses can – of course – only be found at portal regions. Just like regular epic bosses they require an item to be summoned. They scale in difficulty according to the player’s level. We have made sure that they will be a challenge for all kind of players, even for those level 100s who have everything.

Check out the merchants at the portals to see the new items that can be crafted there. If you can’t see new items then it means that your level is too low.

The general idea is that you have to go to all portal regions and collect stuff there. Yes, it will take a bit of time but that is the idea.

You now have 6 additonal setup slots.

Donators may want to look at a new piece of accessory, the Stormbringer medaillon.

I have started a poll at

It would be nice if you participated in that poll. It helps us to determine what we do next.

By next I mean in 2013. 2012 still ha many new things. There will be a new way to acquire 16 new avatars, the “House of the 7 sins” in the Field of the Dead, and of course R11, the dread jungle.

Here a teaser of the jungle troll, which is based on what Philip looks like in real life! :D


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Wow nice.

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Thanks for the update.

It seems on FB there’s no phases or 1-hour summoning time limits, can the restrictions be lifted from kong too ? Especially since I’ve also heard you can’t fight portal bosses unless the portal is open.

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Excellent as always :-[….

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Portal bosses now have no summoning cooldown time (like on FB)
Normal epic bosses summoning cooldown time has been reduced from 60 minutes to 30 minutes

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Wow, thank you very much Philip.

Here’s the new armor set (spoiler):

Crashed Spaceship:
Adamantium exoskeleton
Chest – Bound
Requires: Level 91 , Constitution 40
Absorbs: 31 – 51 damage
Sockets: Green Socket, Purple Socket

Silver bullets 2, Heroism 3, Tenacity 4, Barrage 2, Retribution 5
Increases your maximum blood by 220 and your chance to resit hostile procs by 3%.

Red Pastures:
Crystal skull of the Cow King Head – Bound
Requires: Level 71 , Rage 51 , Control 51
Absorbs: 3 – 6 damage
Sockets: Blue Socket

Chain attack, Heroism 2, Tenacity 2, Outbreak 2, Devastate 2
Increases your maximum blood by 85

Lair of The Dragons:
Dragonrider gauntlets
Hands – Bound
Requires: Level 31 , Control 27
Absorbs: 1 – 3 damage
Sockets: Blue Socket

Execute, Heroism 2, Combustion 2, Dragonward 3, Blaze 2
Increases your maximum blood by 45.

Dark Oblivion:
Boots – Bound
Requires: Level 51 , Control 34
Absorbs: 2 – 3 damage
Sockets: Blue Socket, Green Socket

Tenacity 2, Heroism 2, Devastate 2, Dust to dust 2
Your Bloodlust regenerates 15 seconds faster. Increases your maximum blood by 75.

Dimensional drifter (0/4)
Crystal skull of the Cow King
Adamantium exoskeleton
Dragonrider gauntlets

(2): Tenacity 2 (3): Heroism 2 (4): Increases the proc chance of your “Chain attack” by 3%.
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thanks a lot

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Thanks for the update.
It appears on FB there s virtually no phases or 1-hour summoning time restrictions, can the restrictions feel lifted from kong too ? Most especially because I’ve additionally known you can t fight portal bosses unless of course the portal is open.

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Portal bosses have virtually no summoning cooldown time (including in FB)
Typical epic companies summoning cooldown time happens to be reduced from 60 mins to 30 minutes