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I am going to start a new brotherhood of assassins that will fight against ’’evil’’ and hunt all scammers and mass burners.

I need a good name for the brotherhood, I allready got a few ideas but I want you guys to help me choose one or come up with better names if you can.

My Name Ideas:
G.o.T. (Gaurdians of Truth), TSB (The Seacret Brotherhood), TGA (The Gaurdian Assassins), KOL / K.o.L. (Keepers of Law)

Thankyou =)

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Just call yourselves The Brotherhood.

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The Guild of Burners is a semi-vigilante guild that will trash the territories of other players. Players will be selected fairly randomly, but we will stay away from big cities, active and popular traders, popular players and new players. We will focus-fire on any scammers or password stealers, as well as any other mass burner, especially those who attack the territories of the Guild of Burners or who attack popular players or cities.

We request that you stay away from us. If you do not, war will be declared by every member of the Guild on every member of the Brotherhood and we WILL burn your territories.