[WarFlow] September 5 Improvements-WarFlow Arsenal

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WarFlow Arsenal

The incoming 2 weeks is going to be a period of bloodbath. WarFlow Arsenal opens to provide supplies to warlords with the wildest ambition. Arm yourself soldiers.
Arsenal Ranking(aka Boxes Ranking) is also counted in the Ranking Event Serials,and this is the last chance to sprint for the final ranking. Who will be final champion?

Common Supply
How to collect Common Supply:

Note: Counting reset at 5:00 every day.

Common Supply has chance to drop:

Captain Supply
How to collect Captain Supply:

Captain Supply has chance to drop:

General Supply
How to collect General Supply:

1.Opening General Supply costs 100 gold.
2.Fragments will be reset at 5:00 AM daily

General Supply has chance to drop:

How to win rating point?

Note:Ranking ratings will stop counting at Sep 19, 00:00 PDT

Ranking Board Rewards