[Spartacus: Vengeance] New Battle Mechanic

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Dear players,

We have another version of the Rage Mode battle mechanic in place for the next couple of days. The meter will auto-fill and activate Rage Mode once it is completely filled. It fills up at a certain rate, and if you time your button clicks properly, then it will speed up so you can reach Rage Mode faster!

We would love to get your feedback!
How does it feel? Does it make sense? How do you think it adds to the gameplay? Can it be improved in some way? Anything that confuses you?

Thank you for your support, and we’re looking forward to your comments!

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there is a problem with this rage mechanic: when the rage fills it pauses the battle and as I’ve mentioned in the tips post regarding Rage – it does not only provide you with a chance for player enhanced hit but also enhances the next “default” attack between the fighters (be it friend or foe).

Due to the point mentioned it will force a lot of lower level fighters who are fighting a foe who’s roughly the same level to actually take more damage then they inflict on apox 40% ratio as the enhanced strike from the enemy almost always hits harder than a non crit from the player. allowing

Usability wise its better than the mouse clicking that many people I’ve spoken to complained about thou I personally didn’t mind at all.

I do agree it adds nicely to the battle mechanic as without this player intervention factor it would be a simple game of numbers.

Great to see some live signs of development!

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Thanks Aimma. We’re currently working on another version that should be simpler so it doesn’t distract from the battle as much. We’ll also be looking into the battle algorithm, but what you experienced may be just a coincidence. Either way, we will take a look to verify that there’s no “boost” of enemy fighters.

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Its not a typical “boost” per say its rather the fact that someone would only use rage in a close fight i.e. approximately same stats on both fighters including lvl. In which case should an enemy attack, he is guaranteed to pack a punch and giving them the option of getting the sucker punch on the player just because they want to activate rage mode. This makes it feel like the player buffing the enemy as it also usually results in the players fighter being insta KO’d if he was below 20% hp when cliked on (tho the rage activation dose not result in more damage from the enemy themselves still, people with glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks, hence i tend to mostly not use rage in close fights when it will push the enemy to auto attak).

Minor Issues:
Rage bar – i have the tutorial up and its asking me to click on fighting group 1. Now at my level i 1 hit kill everything and since fighting group 1 the players fighter attacks .5 seconds into the fight it makes the tutorial an ugly checkers toilet seat styled bug, yes the simple work around is to put a weakling in front to make sure he doesn’t one hit the opponent, this is just a heads up. As for the usage of the bar, simple enough to use (cant see a 3 year old failing at it now).