[Striker Superstars] Release Notes - Version 4.58

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Hey there soccer fans! The new version of Striker Superstars is now live and we have added quite a few ‘interesting’ new features and improvements, see below…

• We have added three referee types to the game these being Strict, Moderate and Lenient so now you can style your game play according to the type of referee you have been given. More to the point you’ll know exactly what you can get away with :0)
• Players can now free-slide giving you the ability to slide blocking a ground pass or a shot on goal.
• All new improved character models for lobby, keeper and outfield players and finally we have short sleeves on our shirts.
• Added Daily Leaderboards to the Leaderboard panel and content to the ticker bar now you can everyone can really see how good are..!
• Improved character creation flow (for new users).
• Added promotions system which allows us to bring you some great offers like individual SALE items and our favourite LTD Edition items; keep an eye on the new tabs in the SHOP.
• Keeper appearance is now randomised and they have new kits too..!
• Graphics quality setting slider added to the options panel giving you more control over your PC’s performance.
• Achievements are now being sorted correctly i.e. by date.
• Shop and inventory items now sorted correctly i.e. by grade and price.
• Added a cross/close feature to the profile thumbnails of players invited to your team this allowing you to remove in invited player.
• If you have a KIT item i.e. boots, studs, shin pads, base layer (equipped) then its charge (x1) is now taken on match entry so even if you do not finish your match (x1) charge is used (practice and tutorial matches do not take any charges).
• Better messaging that a server is full (on server select).
• Various UI improvements.
• Multiple performance improvements.


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i loved the daily leader board, the x button to remove the unwanted players and the sale and limited editions but till I know most of the players are not happy with the bots getting soo hard to beat