[Battlestar Galactica Online] Getting old char back?

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Hi there…my pilot was named Hickup….playing on kong…same name.

I played this..ermm…maybe one/two years ago. Is there any way to get the char back?

Thanks for looking.

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I don’t think you can recover it on Kong.

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You can use a custom avatar and reload it or use your old account or you can share the game on Face book and invite your character as a friend same with any characteron Kongregate. Can do same with legen of The Void, Unity Universe, Eve Game online. can invite God of War Characters and Epix X Rome Game chracters and cards from Tyrant X matches Tyrian legion in merc iv.v. CAN INVITE CHRACTERS FROM sTAR tREK AND tERMINATOR AS WELL. tHE INFILITRATOR ROBOR UNITS IN tYRANT CARD GAME WOULD BE MATCH SINCE SIMILIAR TO t2000 Terminators. you could hire Borg Mercenaries and character Bobba Fett From Star Wars also