[Senatry] Making screenshots ingame

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Here are instructions how to easily make screenshots by ingame means:

  1. Right click in the middle of game area and select “Submit bug …” option
  2. Wait for dialog box with ‘Confirm’ button to appear – then click the button
  3. A new browser page will open (in new tab or window) – right click the image on it and select “Copy image URL” or similar – example is in Google Chrome (polish version if anybody’s wondering)

Now in your clipboard you have link to image containing screenshot – you can paste it in forum post, game chat etc.
Example link:

PS. If new browser tab/window does not open (between steps 2 and 3) it probably means that your browser (or some plugin like AdBlock) is blocking popup windows. In such case you must find and disable this function first.


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O thks! i was copypasting the url at the top…that is much better/shorter.

Probly more readable 2 u’all too.

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You could have switch to english for a moment before taking ss ;)
It still not as bad as figuring what to click on machine with japanese/chinese language

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Thx Sarig, works a treat, even on my mac.