[Clash of the Dragons] Bug with Soulstealer and Acid Flask

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In three recent fights with the colored knights that precede Marcus in zone four, when I used a magic attack and criited, the depleted soulstealers and acid flasks hurt my enemy instead of me. The first time was with enchanted arms, the second with mirror rorrim copying enchanted arms, the third with healing light.

Not that i mind the wins, but this is obviously a bug.

EDIT: And just now a fourth time with spirit ward. Now that i think about it, I believe the enemy has had both at least one breastplate of warding and at least one rune of reflection left each time, not sure though. Also, this is on normal difficulty as a sentinel, in case either factor may be relavent.

EDIT, AGAIN: And a fifth time with transferance where i can confirm the presence of both talismans.

EDIT THE THIRD: And a sixth time with healing light where, again, he had both talisman types

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Bug report ref #31007.

I submitted bug report for same effect. Haven’t determined exactly what situation this occurs with… I’ve seen in a couple times now when I crit, and a Soulstealer causes me to deplete a Bernard, which then triggers Noxious Gas→Soulstealer→Acid Flask chain til enemy dies… planning on farming Z4 for the special card drops, so I’ll post more reports as they arise.

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it also happens to me…. critted him with torment and he killed himself…. however, dido buff doesnt work when fighting against them (and i mean it really doesn’t work since i often use dido-lux combo)

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Bug report ref #31096; 31161

Same effect against Z4 Master Assassin. Soulstealer not present in enemy deck. Still have a hunch it may be Noxious gas related… enemy appeared to be depleting normally until it was depleted. This time the depletion chain included Beastman NPC cards, Acid Flasks, and Dusts of Paranoia.

edit: added another report