[Mud & Blood 2] how to get to waves 95-127,compatable with no ribbons,or close protection

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so this is how i get to wave 80-120,

first of all i will be using 0 ribbion’s,but if u have rifle bosting ribions and moral and Nco badge it will help much more.

now first of all u will be using the standard deploy if u can have the rank were u can start out with 12 free tp do so ,

now when u begin using just the depoly option u will start with 4 men ,(gi’s)
now send them 50% up the map.thier is no need to taunt ,in fact i urge u not to because some time u will have a pake33 or flak on wave 2 -20 lol, allso try not to pick up crates till at least wave 15 ,pick them up if they are in danger of being captured. the resone why is that if u get a lowing germans fighting its -15 waves witch will help u tremdously.

now when wave 2 hits u should have have 4 tps.now buy a gunner , he will be ur main infantry killer :)

now on wave 4 by an eginer ,u will use him to constuct camnets mines tnt and bunkers trench’s and pill boxs. so try to keep him alive as long as possible.

wave 8,send ur engiener to 50% way and have him build a bunker try to get it in a corn.try to get the front of the bunker above the B or E in (Battle field paused ).u do this so that when u have wsp’s they wont blow u to kindom come ,:0

wave 10 build a trench and send 2 gi’s and gunner into the bunker inside the trench ,now u want to have the 2 gi’s infront of the gunner,u do this so they will take the bullets and get pinned down instead of the gunner :0

on wave 16 buy 1 sniper ,hes use full 4 killing thouse pesty infatrators and enemy snipers.put in him ur lower corner some were .

wave 23 buy m3at , put in corner with sniper ,hopefull thiers not to many trees if so deal with it :0

wave 28 build a camnet to cover the sniper,m3at and ur soon to be captain (unless u have captain all ready ) in that case have him in the corner with the sniper and m3at,now once u have the cam net placed and ur m3at sniper in it u can have 3 more men under it .

wave 31 buy a captain ,if u have one allready buy a signaler ,place them under camnet .

wave 34 buy siggy if u allready have him dont buy ,

wave 39 send eginer up and have him build a pillbox above the battle field pause.a .5 inch to .25th of and inch.from the 50% line.

once u have done this send ur siggy up into the pillbox,then send captain into it, lave enginer in it .

Now u will have 3 people under ur cam net again m3at and 1 sniper ,

optional u can buy 2 zooks and put behind the m3at and use concentrate fire to kill tanks ,but they like missing i perfer using m3ats ,

once wave 47, u can either buy 2 zooks or 1 m3at ,i would go with m3at. send m3at to the opisite side of the map but still at the bottom part, now wait till u have 5 more tps once u have this build camnet over the m3at that is exposed.

wave 52, build camnet over m3at with engiener.

now send eginer up to the pill box .we are done with that one 4 the time being ,use him to defuse tnt around ur bunker /pill box. then place the tnt were u think a tank may role over it if a tank roles over it click the tnt it will destoy the tank.:0!

wave 56 buy enginer .send him to the camnet with the 1 m3at,now u have 3 under that camnet,

wave 62 buy a 50.cal and put next to the m3at ,u do this 4 thouse pesty brandibur’s and the hit and run as-s hole ;o

wave 67 build 1 more cam net in the middle of the lower part of the map next to the other to ,

wave 73 buy 1 more 50 cal. put under the cam net u just built, u can wait to build this cam net till u have 11 tps.

optional ,wave 93 buy AAA.put under camnet with 50 cal and enginer.

wave wave 81 buy 1 more m3at and place with the m3at and eniger and 50cal.

now ur set ,if u see a arty warning hit 4 4 and pray u dont get blow to bit’s ;0

if a plane comes along use sig to clear air.
wave 84,buy radar center and sigaler tower.

if ur gunner get hit hero him pronto :)

and if the 2 meat shiedls die buy 2 frenchies and place infront of him :)

wave 90 110 save tps and play it buy ear , place mine and what not if u want but i allways save 4 AAA to kill airplanes ,only problem with them is that they like destorying my camnets-_

and rember heroism , u can buy alots more 50cals to butch every one but this will take a while 6 tps 4 each when u get them place in the middle the cam nets rember only a max of 6 people under each cam net .

good luck send ur respon’s to me ,allso they waves may not match perfect u may have to put a mine or two out or replace something so just improvise :)

i am constistanly getting wave 107-127
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Arsenal running dry. Adjust strategy.

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As I feared. lost several men
makes defense untenable. Prognosis, increasingly negative.

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ur defense should look like this , but with out the tank. lol my 3 m3ats got scewed i was saving some more tp cause i was pissed ;) i got a tank then wspe blitz any way i did survive to wave 105 :) here some pic on what ur building should look like :)

1. http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=1pjbxj&s=6
2. http://oi46.tinypic.com/xfb09c.jpg
3. http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=14cy4g1&s=6
4. http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2lm17go&s=6

click the links then click the pic to get a better view of it lol i will update this post once get more photos ,plz feal free to put pic up on here /


resent pictures 10 sorry cannot up load them, when i took screen shots it had somepersonal info on them sorry , but in the left and right coner’s i had a tank,with cam net over them ,bunker 1 freinchie and 2 guners 1 medic lasted to wave 121,9-15 it says 107 picked up a crate – 15 any way one my tanks had like 83 exp ;) and i started out with a sniper then got 1 enger built bunker bought 2 guners and 2 freinchies then built 2 trenchs inside the bunker ,then i saved 20 tp bought tank then saved 5 more bought cam net then i saved 4 more bought 50 cal 4 tank, then saves20 more tp 4 tank then 5 more 4 cam net then 4 hero each gunner and 2 tp 4 knife ;) lol wspe blew my bunker _ then branibuge blitz did me in cause close battle knife fight lasted to long to kill all themwith only 1 gunner – _ – and 1 tank :0 the tank neaver died nor 1 the last gunner ;)


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this works good tip keep 5 units above the battle paused (spacebar to pause)
2 crosses at bottom were motorcycle at wave 2

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hum what waves do u get …lol do u like the m3at? they allways seem to aim at my bunker and blow it …its upsetting lol

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Holy shit. AT blew up my bunker, gunner and made my engineer run with his tail between his legs. Air strike on round 19 fucked my sniper. My ‘’soon to be captain’’ was still a private. Seeing as this wasn’t going to work anymore, I bought a couple of flamethrowers cuz it was gonna get close quarters. My AT fucked three of them for fun and finished off my men in the trench. And then, to top it off, a fucking blitz wave. Lololol.

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wave 3 buy sniper,
wave 7 buy gunner,
wave11buy enginner
wave 17 build bunker middle map
wave 19 build trench
wave 20 put 1 mine infront bunker
wave25 build cam net stick sniper ,enginer 2 gis
wave45 get tank
wave65 buy tank
wave 70 pillbox
wait to die and start planting mines

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Originally posted by 58mugruber:

hum what waves do u get …lol do u like the m3at? they allways seem to aim at my bunker and blow it …its upsetting lol

highest wave from this wave 150 yes i like AT had 1 bunker killed by friendly fire
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ok i tested a thery out , M3at’s dont need los (line of sight )

here are mys stat’s

and that was my 2nd game :0

:)here some in game pictures,

if u dont see them that means i am loading them

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Tried this, only made it to wave 36. I followed the instructions it just seems like a more luck based strategy than anything.

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Originally posted by ApathyZer0:

Tried this, only made it to wave 36. I followed the instructions it just seems like a more luck based strategy than anything.

Meh, I got to wave 118. I swear to god my engineers are so one use =.= Get a eng and move him to blow up a tank, he gets gibbed in the explosion. >:C Y U NO WALK FASTER

Also, I don’t really see the point in M3s since you have bunkers on top and the AT’s below. Wouldn’t having a couple of engies running around in a pillbox more handy?

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lol what can we say engineers are extreme bs’ers :P