[Winning Goal] You call that all-star players?

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Ok, now i got rly pissed off…

Firstly i’ll begin with this:

1. I paid around 3000 coins to win 1 tournament for “all-stars” player
2. I go thru hell, but i won, but when i saw that “all-stars” player he is even weaker then “semi-pro” player

Second, i’ll tell you the stats that players have

1. Esteban M Cambiasso – Semi-Pro – CB
AT – 240
STR – 292
ORG – 512
DEF – 531
GK – 18

2. Michel M Ballack – All-Stars – CB – Dream Team
AT – 299
STR – 215
ORG – 512
DEF – 529
GK – 16

Dream Team – Combine with M Kahn ( Gate Keeper ) – Increasing DEF ORG and GK

So basicly, AT is USELESS, and we call that ALL-STARS CB player… please…

Third, make yourself conclusion wich is better

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it seems that generally the player in tier 5 tournaments is better than 3 but not always. Seen the same player show in in both.

Anyway cambiasso is one of the best def in the game so next time enter the tournament he is the prize for.

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and we continue with the funniest all-star players, this time Dida is there

Dida from Milan