[RichState] Boost Your Car with the Whole New Energon System!

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Event Duration: After the routine maintenance on Sep. 13, 2012 PDT.

A new system will be launched for your car after the maintenance—-Energon System.

To unlock the new function, the level of your main vehicle has to reach Lv40.

What’s Energon
1. You can equip the Energon onto the components of the main vehicle to enhance their attributes.
2. There are 8 types of Energons, corresponding to the 8 components, Engine Energon, Chassis Energon, Body Energon, Tire Energon, Squirt Energon, Gearbox Energon, Suspension Energon & Cylinder Energon.

How to Get the Energon
The Energon can be exchanged with Energon Stones from the Component Merchant. And the Energon Stones will be sent to you by mail automatically at 00:00 every Monday according to your Race Score in the Preliminary of League (100 Score=1 Energon Stone).

Rules of the Exchange
The Energons exchanged from the Component Merchant are graded into 3 qualities: Good, Exquisite & Superior.

1. The Good Energon can be exchanged by any drivers without a limitation on the number.
2. The exchange of Exquisite Energon is only open to the 8 elite racers who have successfully entered the Master Elimination Race of the current season. Each driver can exchange for only 1 Exquisite Energon every week.
3. The exchange of Superior Energon is only open to the Top 8 of the Cross-server League who are holding positions in the Achievement Hall at the moment. Each driver can exchange for only 1 Superior Energon every week.

All the Energons obtained from the Component Merchant are of the same initial level: Lv40.

1. There are 2 attributes of the Energon: Strike & Solidity. Both of the attributes of an Lv40 Energon are 183.
2. You can upgrade the level of the Energon with Energon Stone up to Lv160. The higher level, the better attributes (Strike & Solidity).
3. The quality of the Energon will not be changed by the upgradation.

You can also improve the performance of the components by enhancing its Energon from 0-Star to 12-Star with Energon Essence and Energon Box. The basic attributes will be increased by 10% each time when the star level goes up.

1. There is a certain success rate during the enhancement with Energon Essence. And for the enhancement of a 4-Star Energon or above, there is a certain downgrade rate. i.e. if you fail to enhance a 4-Star Energon to 5-Star, you will get a 3-Star Energon.
2. To guarantee a 100% success rate, you can use Energon Box. It is a fast way to enhance your Energon to a target star level.
3. Once the Energon reaches 9-Star or 12-Star, it can get one of the 4 attribute bonus randomly: Durability, Controllability, Focus & Critical Hit.

The Energon of certain level with Stars can be split to recycle the Energon Stones and Energon Essences. The higher level, the more Energon Stones and Energon Essences you can get.

New Items

Notes: all the items are unpresentable except Senior Energon Essence.

Richstate Team reserves all rights to explain or alter this event.

Richstate Team
September 13, 2012