[Berserk: The Cataclysm] NoFun Clan thread

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Welcome to the Fun Wrecker Clan. We started the clan wars well, and will continue to get stronger if YOU help us crush those towns. So crush, crush, crush, and then think about how you will spend those lovely ounces! Its only 2 weeks away for era 1! 2250 for top price. Its ours! Lets go get it!

We need a town per turn. On average that is approximately 5 wins per member. If you get more than 5 wins, you place in NoFun is safe. If you get less than that, well, it depends on how well the battle is going. If other members are having a hard time then we will have to let you go to make way for fresh soldiers. Nothing personal, but its a cut throat business at the top. You can rejoin us next round. If you have been consistently good then of course, the odd blip in performance will be overlooked. We don’t want to kick people out, but we won’t worry about doing it when necessary.

So I hope you you enjoy winning, and mostly wrecking other people’s fun!


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Join our clan. Will be fun and nice ounces prise after 2 weeks ;)

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Clan rank history:-
ftks 25
patrolord 45
KingTrion 44
xiranth 5
txapituxky 14
Arandor 39
Popovednik 18
AngelicDawn 15
cooldude681 10
Fulhamguy 42
tlauda 15
Avraxis 9
Fiesy 9
Alefriend 20
Baaz 13
bigowwww 16
Leverkaka 15
Alkestis 32
kadomatsu 10
bumbatoro 20
ivanciuc 29
Ssawed 22
Urubaen 35
Lordfr0st 15
csordsman 18
hades22 18
ShaKadelic 7
Averanna 15
MicaelH_ 24

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Today we march on Arvel. Fight hard Fun Wreckers, seizing a city this size marks a turning point in the war. With Arvel under our control, our reputation will be unmatched in the lands. Go forth and raise Arvel to the ground, right infront of the slow footed soldiers of AAC. Tonight there will be a feast, cooked on the burning cinders of the city. We will enjoy each others company, having fought well, and we shall laugh at the misfortune of the other clans, who forgot to get out of bed. Today will be a celebration of our greatness (then we need to reenforce Firnail from AAC’s response, don’t spend all your Imperials at the feast, we need them for repairs, :p )



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Despite a surprise attack out of the shadows by DoppleGanger, Arvel is ours!

DoppleGanger did us a favour by testing our maintenance crews at Farnail. Repair costs 2,500 imperials, and can be paid by any clan member (click on the damaged Farnail on the map). However, the berserk system does not record a member paying for repairs. I want members who are flash with their cash to be rewarded in Valhalla for their generosity, so PM or chat me how much you spent on repairs and it will go in the spreadsheet WITH A BLUE NUMBER! Don’t bother repairing unless their is at least 10 points of damage.

DoppleGanger fought like flaccid pansies compared to what AAC is planning. EVERY FUN WRECKER SHOULD HAVE 25k SET ASIDE FOR REPAIRS. Some members will probably pay more than that, but I would like everyone to have that in reserve for next battle phase.

Let us celebrate for now though! When the reputation points are counted next battle phase, we will be in the lead! We will be more respected than the ChaosDragon cult that is blighting the lands.

Fun Wreckers FTW!

Let the great feast begin!

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Well we have fended off three attacks now. Defending is relatively easy, albiet a bit expensive in Imperials. The game increases the cost of repairs, as an individual repairs more. So even our richest members can’t afford to keep repairing our cities. so I ask each clan member to repair points whenever they can.
the 1st point of repair costs 2500
the 2nd 3000
the 4th 3500

it doesn’t matter if you try to repair 10 points in one go, or do 1 point 10 times. PM me if you repair and make sure I have written your contribution in the spread sheet, otherwise your good deeds will not be recognised. Just to repair:-

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We have been seiging Belebos for 4 phases. AAC is desperate for imps. If Belebos falss, we capture 6 cities worth of reputation points. Do we continue?

ChaosDrago have 19 cities of which two are big/ We have 18 cities, of which 4 are bit. We generate one more repu point per turn.

The era will end soon. ChaosDragon can’t catch us.

I think we will go for another couple of rounds, and see how close Belebos is to falling. It is being worn down steadily.

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The era is over! Enjoy the cash! (I got 110 with my ranking of 220)

We have 70 hours to decide what to do with NoFun, I would like to lead again, but not if I have to do the morning announcement phase. Anybody who thinks they can do this please PM me. But lets see what the devs do about announcement for next era. If worst comes to worst, I shall resign as leader, and NoFun will continue as the number 1 clan with someone else as leader. So DON’T JOIN OTHER CLANS, NoFun will be number one next era too. I shall be weeding out the inactives again during this 70 hour down time. I did not want to boot anyone near to the end of phase, but now we need to make space for any hardcore PvP players want to do some serious fun wrecking next round.

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OK I can appoint a deputy. I can to the 17:00-19:00 GMT phase no promblem, but I need a deputy for the 5:00-7:00 slot (11-1am CST). So either an American who likes to stay up late, or an australasian who can announce at the end of their work day.