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We thought it could be a good idea to help you out a bit at first by answering your some Frequently Asked Questions Here they are:

  • I’m not getting my reward

If you don’t have enough capacity (either coins or minerals) the quest reward will be given as items in your inventory so you can use them later when you need of them or have upgraded banks and/or silos to make room.

  • Why do my units not come back?

Troops don’t come back even if they survive because this game is all about the strategy! You must make sure you manage well your resources so that what you lose in your attack is absolutely worth what you can end up winning. Keep in mind you wouldn’t want to lose more minerals/coins that those you can win with the attack

  • I have just entered my planet, why have my resources disappeared?

Your colony wasn’t properly defended and someone took advantage of it, decided to attack you and ran away with your minerals and coins. Don’t worry though, you will have the chance to take revenge on that someone and get back what’s yours!

You can prevent this from happening by getting the Colony Shield, while you wear it you will not be attacked.

  • How does the Colony Shield work?

If your colony receives more than 50% damage you will receive a shield that will be active for 12 hours.

If you receive more than 75% damage, your colony will be defended for 36 hours straight!

If one person attacks you four times in one hour, you will get one hour of protection.

If 10 people attack you in 24 hours the shield will protect you for 36 hours.

Keep in mind your shield will only be active until you attack someone (except for Firebit and Sparragon), so be careful. Also, note that shield protection will not work if the attacker belongs to an enemy alliance.

  • Why are my attacks not successful?

Each unit has its own personality.
They behave differently depending on their skills, targets, range, velocity, etc.
You can find this information by clicking the blue “i” icon that appears on top of all the units’ pictures.

Wanna see some videos? Here are a few that’ll definitely help you out!


  • Why can’t I add units to my friends’ bunkers?

Adding units to your friends’ bunkers is one of the best ways to help them as it helps them defend their planets from attacks and keeps them from spending any coins to achieve this!
You must make sure you haven’t ran out of helping clicks before you try to do this, otherwise you won’t be able to add any units until the next 24 hrs.

  • I don’t have any friends! Why do I receive gifts and can’t send them back?

Make sure that you and the friends you’ve invited are both playing the game and have a mutual friendship relation (appear in other’s friend list). ATM we’re relying on kongregate friend listing, so make sure your profile is public so game server can retrieve your friend list from kongregate, otherwise game would think you have no friends.

  • I have spent some Kreds in your game but I’m not getting my chips!!

Game should get them just after you’ve spent them. If that’s not working try to login (one or two should be ok) and the chips will be there.

  • How can I upgrade my Star Base to level 5?

Taking your Star Base to that level might seem complicated, but it’s really a piece of cake (even for the Starlings!)! All you need to do is upgrade your banks so that you are able to store at least 750.000 coins, buy the Observatory and colonize a planet! Do this and you’ll only be one step away of becoming the King of our Galaxies!

  • What’s a colony?

As real explorers, you have probably taken a look around the galaxy and you have probably realized there are some empty planets in some of the planetary systems. These planets are free for you to colonize but you will need to have enough resources and one Observatory. If you manage to have it all, the planet could be yours!

  • How can I move my buildings?

Next to your friends’ bar, you will be able to see an image of a planet and a green arrow on top. Click this arrow and select the “Move” option to move your buildings around.

  • I need to complete the “Find a Chip” quest but I have already cleared my landscape, What should I do?

Galaxy Life’s planets are extremely fertile so life will definitely grow again in your colony while you are offline! All you have to do is to wait until plants and other objects grow back and you will have the chance to find that precious chip and complete the mission. Good luck! (Note: You should be inactive for about 6 hours)

  • Can I deploy units outside the construction area?

Yes, you can.
This is a great thing to have in mind. Even though there are some areas of the map where you can’t build on, you’ll still be able to deploy units to attack your enemies.

  • How does the scoring system work?

It employs the principle of B.A.D.: you level up Building (B), Attacking (A) and Defending (D).

Building : It means you have to upgrade turrets, houses, banks, mines, silos, walls, and Star Bases. It also means building more of the same. It will improve your Building Points.
A tip: Quickest way to get building score is by upgrading your Walls.

Attacking : It means you have to pummel your enemies to the ground. Make sure you don’t end up spending more on troops than you get by looting! For an effective loot, if possible, attack in two phases- use the first phase to hunt down and destroy the turrets, preferable units being Falcons, Tanks and Flamethrowers. Use the next wave then to loot your opponents, preferable units being Bazookas and Marines.
This is merely an example- what you use in your battles should be what you’re comfortable with!
Destroying enemy turrets and buildings increases your Attacking score.

Defending : This is the most crucial step, because you don’t have control over what’s going on when you’re attacked, and so the least you can do here is ensure that minimum or no loot is taken. Place your Snipers and Cannons in pairs, in such a way that they complement each other. Also place the Mortar and Missile Launchers together- they’re a lethal combo, taking care of both air and ground. Make sure you hide your turrets well. Then place your Bunkers in such a way that their range of influence don’t overlap, and contain a majority of the area where the enemy can spawn. Putting Falcons in the Bunkers is a popular idea!

Next comes the debate as to why this system is better. Since you don’t get any score as you collect from houses or mines, it means that if you want to keep your score static, ensuring that less powerful enemies attack, while you save much required money for upgrading or other tasks! It ensures that person who is on the same score as you can only attack you. Hypothetically, you can be a level 10 with 10m coins stored! That way the enemies that attack you are easier to get revenge on, and it sort of creates a balance between players. Also, if you’re not playing for some time, or playing only for saving money, the chances of getting your planet wiped out by a high leveled ruthless attacker is less!

  • How does the alliance system work?

Counselor Mobius, the supreme chancellor, will help you whenever it is needed. He has all the knowledge about alliances. Being a member of an alliance makes you part of something bigger, where you are no longer fighting alone in the galaxy; now it’s time to cooperate to be the best alliance ever! With your allies you will gain protection and assistance, while fighting together you will allow you to earn exclusive rewards. You can find the alliances at the right-hand side of your screen.

You can be a member of an alliance by asking its General to accept you as a recruit. Click on the ‘ask to join’ button and wait for approval; fret not … the wait will be worth it! Should you need help finding an alliance that suits you best, our gods have some suggestions, but nonetheless, if you are a powerful leader and you are thinking of recruiting your own army, you can create a new alliance and invite your friends to join.

To be the best alliance of all ages, fighting is not enough, you also have to win! Leaderboards show the top alliance levels, which are the sum of all alliance members’ war points. Only in the war battles will you be able to get war points; the wars distinguish us from the rest! With your own efforts and the collaboration of all team members you can get amazing prizes.

Let’s start a war! But take care who you attack as the higher the level of your opponent, the better your war points earned. It means if you attack the weak, your war points suffer a penalty, while attacking stronger enemies will boost your war points. Note that only one war is permitted at a time. The only restriction preventing the destruction of war opponents is if they are online guarding their base, as no colony shields or level protection rules apply here; this is war after all!!! But don’t worry; being in a war doesn’t affect normal gameplay, and outside of the war everything will keep working as usual.