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Hey, this thread is dedicated to possible UI changes

- The overall game size seems a bit large, i cannot fit it on my laptop resolution without making firefox full-screened (keep in mind i do not use toolbars outside of bookmarks and the navigation bar which is fairly standard) my resolution is 1366×768

- The scaling of the game window does not conform to increased in the game size or decrease in the window size. in the event of decrease it causes some game elements to be hidden. I personally didnt see the friends section for a good period of time until the quest at the start alerted me to add that “bot?” as a friend when i realized that it was below where i could see.

- We don’t need a very large message saying ___ is full. We can read that hovering over the item. Clicking usually happens and getting that message there is kinda large. Perhaps making it smaller would help or move it to a different location, it overlays everything so some things you cannot see until it goes away

- Revert back to the list instead of the wheel, the wheel is nice and all but newer players wont understand what the symbols mean and those who wish to hover over it to find out what it does exactly can get annoying. Sure people will learn what they mean the textual representation was much quicker and showed specifically what can be done.

- The south east and south west gates can get in the way of viewing for items without having to hover over it to see the pick up symbol came into play. Perhaps make these transparent or have the option of just not showing them. Players should be able to tell if its a connection or not from the fact of a dungeon connecting to it by default.

- The 100 tile availability is still an issue and a bit misleading to some players albeit it updates itself once anything is pretty much done.

- The Library description indicates a Max bonus under the per tile bonus, if thats the case it should reflect in the benefits list but it doesnt. If it wasn’t meant to be per tile, throw that effect above the per tile bonus so it doesnt get confused with it being a per tile bonus.

- Non-researching warlocks for lack of space or requirements met should not be marked as researching in the creature list and instead marked “idle” the only thing i can think of, which hasnt been verified, is that the locks will take turns in producing research when one is sleeping/eating but I have yet to see this happen.


- Clicking on the update button when looking to buy resources is tedious and clicking on the item itself should just go about looking for availability. Save the users some time and annoyance.

- Remove gold as an option from the regional market place unless we’re going to be able to trade other resources for gold specifically? Which doesn’t make sense at all.

- more to come?

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These are great suggestions! The team will really be interested to hear what you have to say, especially as Kongregate Beta player. We do have an Official Dungeon Overlord forum , and as soon as the game goes out of Beta on Kongregate, the Necropolis Server World (The one you all are playing on) will have their own Forums and titles as well.

For now, you are still highly encouraged to use the Official Forums. You can indicate your suggestions, feedback, and discussions are for the Kongregate Server World, Necropolis. This Server World uses the same rule set as Infernal Abyss.

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Small suggestion:
Right now there is no way to see what way the raid target when raiding other overlords. E.i. if I send 1 thief to Mine and 1 thief to Storage and one of them captured resources and another one returned empty I have to start replay to see where they got resources from. Also I have to remember that I have sent them to Storage and Mine and not to Mine and Vault…

Also showing total carry capacity of all creatures in raid somewhere in battle report will be very helpfull

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Thanks for the suggestions! I write a weekly report, compile everything that happened in the community, including feedback and suggestions, and pass it on to the team.

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good game some potential.

Too much loading between screens. I cant imagine running 4+ dungeons. Have to simplify more maybe offer a low quality version for speed. As it is Im passing the game in favor of battlespace.

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Thanks for giving it a try! Hopefully, you’ll give it a chance again in the future, and you’ll find the things you found impairing, improved.