[Dino Storm] Monsters not visible

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I’m not sure if this is lag or what, but monsters are not visible or target-able in my game.

My Java is up to date, other players are displayed correctly, and move about cleanly without stutter, skip, or slide. they tell me that I am walking through or standing right on top of a monster, but I cannot see it.

I will try another server, but any advice here would be appreciated.

update1 – my first character was on America1, but now the only server available is Europe1, perhaps the server is down for maintenance or resetting or could that have impacted how mobs were displayed? Or is Europe1 the only available server because i have another character on America1 and it’s limited to one per?

update2 – Rookie Bandit mobs appear fine and i can attack them without problem, but not Entelodon in the new player zone.

update3 – cleared browser cache, restarted firefox, and now everything is displaying normally. you can lock this thread.