Release Notes - September 18 '12

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Hello everyone,

We’re taking the game down in a few minutes to make the following changes:

+ You can now friend other players in-game and send gifts.
+ The Battle Chef has a new style – Biker Chef!
+ Some food and gold doobers were made a little smaller (but not less valuable!).
+ The Marksman (blue) knights should be a bit less lethal now.
+ Small fixes to Princess Defense.

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can i get any info on samurai healing scroll….????cant use the ones that soso and ranger use.and havent got any from chests….im atm 87 and opened too many chests to not have droped at least one….so pls tell me whats do i get a scroll.

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As far as I know, samurai’s don’t have healing scrolls anymore. If you go to the tavern, click on the samurai and look at Usable Types, you can verify that.