[Ninja Warz] [FAQ Builder] FAQ: Blood types

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Until someone makes better resources, [FAQ Builder] threads are for organizing FAQs—be cool and contribute to them. See FAQ Building.

  1. How many blood types are there? 8
  2. What are the blood types?
    1. A+
    2. A-
    3. B+
    4. B-
    5. AB+
    6. AB-
    7. O+
    8. O-
  3. What blood type is a universal recipient? AB+
  4. What blood type is a universal donor? O-
  5. Are some blood types more rare than others? Yes.
  6. I mean in the game, smart ass. Oh, well, uh, yeah, it seems that some types are more rare than others. Most people say that AB+, O-, and AB- are the most difficult to find.
  7. That’s nice, but what is the relative rarity? I don’t know. Maybe someone else has some definitive numbers on this. Please?
  8. What does the blood type affect? At the very least, there are many achievements (for a ton of Karma) related to blood type.
  9. Does it affect anything else? Not that I know of. Does anyone know for sure?
  10. *Does blood type affect the cost of healing at the Hospital?( Logically, it would make sense, but I don’t know and I have not read anything definitive. Does anyone know for sure?
  11. Does it affect mosquitoes? Yes. But if there are mosquitoes in this game, they are too small for me to see.

Please ask questions and add answers to this thread. There are multiple unanswered questions in this topic, if you know the answer, and have proof, please post the answer and the source of your proof. Thanks!

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Has anyone tested whether blood type affects healing costs?

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if blood type does affect healing cost
AB+ would be cheapest
but this is hard to test since the hp needs to be at a control and you heal every second so timing needs to be perfect and the amount you heal isnt even constant

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Originally posted by b0b44:

I have never seen an AB- thats the last one i need and im saving my last ninja spot on it but i cant find it anywhere

It can be frustrating.