[WarFlow] September 19 Improvements

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1.Drop rate increased: normal attack x2, force attack storm x4, plat. storm x5, supre storm x6
2.Force attack 30% discount
3.Textile times purchase without VIP limit and Max price is 20 gold
4.Hero Improvement 30% discount
5.Farm productivity x3

Time Duration: Sep 19 Maintenance to Sep 26 Maintenance

1.WarFlow Arsenal Event and WarFlow Arsenal Ranking Board
2.Totem Slot 30% discount

Arsenal Board remains in game one more week for players claiming the ranking rewards. All methods to get common supplies and captain supplies are disabled, but opening supplies function is still available if you have any supplies left. Enjoy and thanks for your support!

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Problems to receive the rewards.
Something is already being done?

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currently the rewards from arsenal are greyed out

Also, I would love to at least be able to see the point scores from all the events to see if I made it to top 30