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~I would like to share a complaint on behalf of some players regarding on the 15 minute delay at the market? I would like to know why that was changed. Since I ever started this game, most players would ask if there’s a ‘trade button’ or something that will transfer items to another account (Alternate account),but now the only chance of actually transferring items has now gone more difficult. Waiting for 15 mins? I don’t think that’s necessary… It kills the excitement of playing on alternate accounts to actually prove we’ve reached an accomplishment on our main accounts. Yea, sure we can still transfer items, but risking it over 15 mins? What happens to "You can transfer items in the market, but you have to be quick though* now I like it better than way.. I don’t like this 15 min market delay one bit… I’ve already spent a lot of gold, silver, even used many gems trying to make decent items to transfer for my alt. And now this? There are more than 4 items to be transferred, so will that be 15mins each without risking it? I mean, you can’t put it all at the same time and buy it at the same time later on? Come on. Do something about this. Otherwise, i’d be forced to quit the game.

Just sharing my thoughts
(We can only agree and disagree)

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i must agree with you, this is killing me too