[Battle Storm]Patch Notes - 9-19-2012

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- Splash damage from weapons will no longer deal damage through walls.
- Rating requirement spread on games have been increased by 100.
- Made adjustments to game visuals to help improve performance.
- Quick play will no longer create new rated games.
- Assault rifle reload time increased from 0.15 to 0.2 seconds.
- Assault rifle damage increased from 75-125 to 80-130.
- Pistol damage increased from 175-225 to 200-250.
- Pistol distance increased from 400-450 to 450-500.
- Ricochet damage increased from 125-175 to 150-200.
- Rocket launcher damage changed from 350-500 to 400-450.
- Rocket launcher splash radius decreased from 175 to 150.
- Rocket launcher reload time increased from 1.25 to 1.75.
- Grenade launcher damage increased from 300-400 to 400-500.
- Heal gun speed increased from 600-800 to 1200.
- Heal gun distance increased from 100-150 to 175.
- Heal pod reload time decreased from 10 to 7 seconds.
- Uzi damage increased from 100-125 to 125-150.
- Uzi distance increased from 175-225 to 200-250.
- Snare gun damage increased from 100-150 to 200-250.
- Speed sap gun distance increased from 400 to 500.
- Speed sap debuff / buff increased from 25% to 35%.
- Speed sap gun damage increased from 150-200 to 225-275.
- Caltrops damage increased from 50-100 to 100-200.
- Players that have previously purchased an item that has been nerfed can message Mokilok22 directly to recieve a refund for the item if they choose they do not like it anymore.
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like the grenade launcher, qq about the rocket cuz she wuz my gurl, i dont use uzi but it still needs a larger range buff, also i dont understand the assault rifle change, the ricochet was bad so buff is good, and of course i love the new rating system. also qq about splash damage nerf.

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ty developer.what we would do without you!atlast rocket lanchers wont be able to hit through walls or hit us while missing a shot so easily!again.. iknow some rocket launcher users may not like it however for ones without it[like me] its wonderful day.il surely raise a cup or 2 for your todays deeds.great job. what else i can say.