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Here is a few suggestions for the devellopers. I don’t expect you guys to apply all of this, but this might give you some ideas. Note that some of ideas could be optionnal, so only people who like them can play with it.

  1. Allow unranked games to be started with uneven numbers, and even allow games to have an uneven max player number.

Some players enjoy unfair maths like 2v3, AND sometimes there is only 5 players online, and its mean to exclude someone. This is also good when a really good player is online and nobody else is close to his level.

  1. Allow banning from games. In theory, an evil person could join/leave a game constantly to prevent it from starting. Also when we kick people, they often rejoin over and over, making it impossible to really kick.
  1. Consider adding assists, so more people can use healing guns, and people be less mad of KS.
  1. Make an “auto balance” button, especially for ranked games (possibly make ranked games always auto balanced).