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This is Captain Rawrsauce here with my list of current suggestions for the game, I also have some super secret alts that nobody knows about because they are so secret.

Since the game is still fairly new there is still a ton of stuff to be fixed, and as a player who has had experience with a lot of the content I have a lot of ideas that could potentially improve the game.

Keep in mind that I try to edit this every time a new patch is released and sometimes even for no reason except that I feel like it so the list will be constantly changing.

#1: The Rocket Launcher
(Thoughts since newest patch: My point still stands. It’s a pubstomper, but still isn’t viable against good players unless the fire rate is increased)

The Rocket Launcher is the subject of a lot of debate, here are my opinions: Before the nerf, the biggest problem was that it could hit people through walls, letting you get a lot of kills and escape unscathed. The newest patch fixed that, and also fixed it for Grenade Launcher/Ricochet (By the way, it was nearly impossible to hit people through walls with the Ricochet so that was never a big deal anyway) and basically all splash damage weapons with a large enough radius.
One of the changes that was specifically about the Rocket Launcher was it’s damage stabilization. Decreasing the max damage and increasing the min damage. In my opinion this was really more of a buff than a nerf (When combined with the Flack Cannon), because the extra max damage usually won’t improve your chances of getting a 2 shot kill, but increasing the min damage will. But if it was a buff, it was a very minor one to be sure.
Now the actual nerfs. There were 2. One was the blast radius decrease. Other than missing a little bit more often than I used to, I don’t really notice the difference.
The second nerf was to increase the reload rate from 1.25 to 1.75. This is the only thing that really bothers me. If anything gets reverted from the nerf, it should be this. The Rocket plus the Flack was a great combo together. One of these reasons was just because the fact that they had the same firing speed made them easy to use. Now any sense of rhythm is completely thrown off and it’s down to button mashing. On top of that, the Rocket Launcher now has a considerably lower damage per second output, so any combo that uses the Uzi or Assault Rifle can often finish me before I can reload.
In terms of people complaining about the Rocket Launcher being too OP and needing to be nerfed more, this is inherently false as I have proved time and time again. This game is very balanced, and in the end pure skill will overcome all weapons and armor. From my experience with alt accounts, both the pre-nerf and post-nerf Rocket Launchers were beatable with nothing more than an Assault Rifle and a Pistol, the 2 standard weapons. Sure it was difficult, but easily possible. And sure it was harder before the nerf. But still doable. So that’s all for the Rocket Launcher, just give me my fire rate back and I’ll be happy.

#2: Fla©k Cannon
(Thoughts since newest patch: Fixed)

#3: Let players join high rated games with a “warning.”
Because there is a small playerbase, it’s very hard for high rated players to increase their rating. A simple fix for this would be to allow lower rated players (this only goes one way) to join higher rated games, but first they are warned something like: “WARNING: This game contains players with a considerably higher rating than you and may be beyond your skill level. Are you sure you want to join?” That would make it a little easier for higher rated players while maintaining fair play.

#4: Random bug fixes
I will just simply describe some bugs I have encountered. I assume the only way to fix them is via coding that is far too complex for me.
One bug was very interesting and has only occured once. Basically, one of my enemies (kenken whatever some numbers) appeared to be on my team and was green, but could still shoot me. In addition, my bullets went through him without harming him. However, there was a dummy of him in the middle of the map that was red and I could shoot. However it didn’t do anything (including disappear when I killed it). So basically I could sit next to the dummy version and whenever I did enough damage to it he would die, wherever he was. I felt bad for abusing it but since it was such a strange glitch I got a few ludicrous kills on him while he kept respawning, insta dying to someone across the map, and then raging.
Another glitch I have been in, as well as have seen happen multiple times. On Overgrowth there is a part of the map that players can get stuck in and it’s pretty funny actually. They used to be able to be killed with Rockets but now they are invincible after the patch. So now it especially needs to be fixed.

#5: Stealth
Nobody uses stealth. Ok that’s true, but if people did it would need a buff. The main problem with it is that you get revealed when you take damage. Since people spam shots in from of them constantly, you will never be in stealth. So stealth would only be viable if you didn’t unstealth when taking damage. Right now it’s next to useless, just because people spam shots everywhere. This could mean that there could be a different version of stealth as well (to add more variation to the content) where you could move while in stealth, but the re-stealth time was longer and you get revealed when you take damage. Honestly though, stealth has to be buffed in some way or it will stay useless.

6#: Triple Jump
Again, an ability nobody uses. The only advantage it gives you is that you can access the the “base” on Metalwork from the top which makes it easier to get in. So basically it’s only helpful for one game mode (CTF) on that one map. The Jetpack is a little bit better because you fly around crazily and dodge bullets, but not by much. So rather than directly buffing these abilities, I suggest that they get indirectly buffed by making new maps where they are more useful. Make certain areas that are only accessible by jumping much higher than normal, and then make there be some kind of advantage in getting to them. Or map with a lot of verticals such as this would make the Jetpack/Triple jump be very handy.

#7: Beta Accessory
Now, I really hate to complain when someone gives me something cool for free. However, it’s cosmetic and doesn’t give any bonuses. Now, I would be ok with that, except that now if I want an accessory for the bonus stats, I won’t be able to rock my Beta accessory. A simple fix would be to add a second “cosmetic” accessory slot that doesn’t give a bonus no matter what is put in it, but is the accessory that is displayed on your character when in game. That way I could still show off my Beta accessory while getting, say, the damage bonus of the flaming halo.

#8: Battle Rifle
The Battle Rifle seems like an awesome weapon, but what if I want it without getting all those silly armor pieces that aren’t even good? If the Battle Rifle was planned to be a unique item only available through the pack, then so be it, leave things how they are. If not, then it should be a stand alone item in the shop, even if it is for coins only. Edit Although I’ve never seen it in game, I just did some rough DPS calculations to compare it to it’s most similar weapon, the Assault rifle. Looking at base stats, Assault Rifle gets an average of 525 DPS, and the Battle Rifle gets 500. Now if we compare other statistics, the Battle Rifle has roughly 750 faster projectile speed, and 250 more units of range. I’m not going to say that the Battle Rifle is overpowered (yet) but it clearly needs some looking into. Maybe Mokilok could give me 50 coins so I could test it.

Honestly, if I made the Battle Rifle, I would make it more like a slow firing, harder hitting Assault Rifle.
Damage: 100-150
Reload: .3
Range: 700
Spread: 10
Speed: 2500

For those who are interested, here is my average DPS calculator, where N is minimum damage, X is maximum damage, and R reload speed: (N + (( X – N ) / 2))*(1 / R)
Also, because I was bored and need practice with Java, I wrote a program that will do it all for you using the class DPSCalculator.

import java.util.Scanner;
public class DPSCalculator
public static void main(String[]args)
Scanner getvalue = new Scanner(System.in);
System.out.println("Input Minimum Damage: “);
double N = getvalue.nextDouble();
System.out.println(”Input Maximum Damage: “);
double X = getvalue.nextDouble();
System.out.println(”Input Reload Speed: ");
double R = getvalue.nextDouble();
System.out.println((N + (( X – N ) / 2))*(1 / R));

#9: Nanobots/Armor Repair Kit/Whatever you want to call it
This is a suggestion for new content. It would be an accessory that provide a +4 regen bonus, and would appear as a green and white box, or maybe white with a red cross, or something like that. I dunno, it just seems like there should be some sort of futurist robot thing that makes you heal faster.

#10: Mouse over game rooms
When you hover your mouse over game rooms while you are in the lobby, it should display the names of the current players in the room.

#11: Assault Rifle
“But Assault Rifle is fine!” you say. “Why change it?” Well, it’s not a major change that I suggest. But I do think that it’s spread should be increased slightly. Nothing major, maybe put it somewhere between 12 and 20 degrees. Why? Well, 2 real reasons. First, look at the Uzi. As the only other weapon that feels “fully automatic,” the Assault Rifle should have a bit more spread to it, if anything just for consistency. Secondly, if the Battle Rifle is going to be a slow firing sniper rifle type weapon, than the spread on the Assault Rifle needs to be higher, if only just to make the Battle Rifle feel more accurate. And no, I don’t think the Battle Rifle needs to have it’s spread decreased.

#12: The character limit of in-game chat
Nothing much to say here, I know that the character limit is small to discourage spam but nobody really tries to spam anyway so the limit just ends up being a problem for the non-spammers.

#14: The removal of the text cursor when a lobby is modified
I’m not sure why this happens, but when someone switches a team, changes their ready status, enters a room, or leaves a room, it deselects the chat box, or whatever, so that you have to click on it again to type in it. This normally wouldn’t be a very big problem, except that someones people are bored and mash the ready button or rapidly switch teams for no reason, making it impossible for anyone to type. Unless there is some reason for this I don’t know, it should be fixed.

That’s all for now, but of course I will add more stuff later.

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well as im probably the only guy that knows 2 of your alts.also probably only guy that readed entire your post il say this-you just want to use that rcoket launcher/flack ultimate combo. i think it was great increasing its loading time and it should be further increased to like 2.25 to be fair in comparison to other weapons. also flack cannon could be either reduced in damage by like 10%,reduced in range by 20% or increase its reloading time to ~1.5 those 2 are only overpowered weapons. surely its fun for you and other guys that use.. but for people that wasted money and cant obtain them..its not fun being the meatshield having to suffer ENDLESS losses from it.