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Finally, there is some news regarding clans. The info was uploaded on the french wiki and I just translated it using google translate.

FAQ Clans

What is a clan in Eredan iTCG?

A clan is a group of players with similar goals and want to share their experience of the game allows its members to discuss and help each other achieve more trophies to unlock bonus collective!

How to find and join a clan?

You can browse the complete list of clans by clicking on “Clan” tab and then click the “Classification of Clans.” You can look for clans recruiting at the moment. By clicking on a particular clan you can view the public page, this page provides detailed information on the activity of the clan. A button to contact the Governor of this clan.

How to create a clan?

If you prefer to create your own clan, you can do so by clicking on “Clan” tab and “create clan” and then fill in the form. You must be at least level 8 and it will cost you 3000cx. The name and tag you choose will not be changed once created the clan. You can invite up to 5 players to build your clan, players belonging to another clan can not be invited. When a guest will accept your offer, your clan will be created. Other guests will always accept the invitation and will join your clan already formed. When you create a clan you become the Governor is the highest rank. The other founding members are automatically promoted to the rank of Champion.

What is a clan tag?

The clan tag is an abbreviation of his name, he is sometimes displayed in front of nicknames of players in the gaming halls and quickly see what clan they belong. They have 3 characters. It is best to choose a tag that most closely matches the name of your clan.

How to increase the size of a clan?

A newly created clan can accommodate up to 20 members, it is possible to buy upgrades at the shop clan to increase this number.

How clans gain experience and levels?

Each time a clan member gains experience playing parties, the clan also gaining experience. Trophies clan also help advance the clan faster. Each clan level unlocks improvements to the shop, level up a clan is 20.

What are the grades?

There are four different grades: Governor, Champion, Adventurer, Novice. Each rank gives special rights within the clan. You can organize your clan by giving certain rights to members of your trust to help you manage your clan. The Governor may write the biography of his clan, open or close the recruitment, organizing shelf showcase trophies and it has all the rights of lower grades. Champions can promote, demote or exclude members of lower grades and only invite new players. They can buy upgrades for their clan to shop. They can write the message of the day and write messages on the wall and remove those clan members of lower grades if necessary. They can of course discuss the clan chat. Adventurers can post messages on the wall in the clan chat and clan chat. Novices can chat in chat clan and, hopefully, will soon be promoted ;)

What is the wall of the clan?

This wall can follow the news about your clan and you can see what happened when you were not connected. It shows, among other trophies obtained by the clan, as well as major trophies won by each member gains levels, various changes in the list of members or improvements purchased. Players can also comment on the news by posting messages.

How to promote, demote or expel a member?

Just go to the profile of the player (by clicking on its name), a drop-down menu allows you to choose the new grade. Governors and only Champions can use this feature and only members of the clan of lower grade.

How do trophies clan?

Trophies clan work the same way as trophies players, except they perform together! The rewards of these trophies are awarded to the clan and not the players. The Governor of the clan can choose 5 trophies he wants to highlight among those made by his clan and place them on the shelf showcase these 5 trophies will be visible to all on the public page of the clan.

What are the crystals clan?

Crystals clan can buy upgrades for the clan and its members, you can see the list of improvements available in the tab “Safe and shop.” The only way to win crystals clan is to achieve trophies clan. Some trophies are repeatable every week or every day, allowing you to have enough income to maintain your temporary bonus week after week.

How the improvements?

Improvements in the clan shop can improve the clan or provide bonuses to its members. Some improvements are temporary, this means that their effects will only be active during the specified time, then it will redeem to receive again their effects. A temporary improvement can not be reactivated until its duration has not expired, you can activate against by several different upgrades at the same time.

How are ranked clans in the tournament Amnezy?

Your clan is automatically placed in the tournament Amnezy if at least 7 of your members involved. ELO score your clan is equal to the average ELO of your scores 7 7 members ranked higher. This system allows clans of small sizes can compete with the big clans and players beginners will not penalize your clan ranking.

Is it an overall ranking of clans?

Yes! You can view the complete list of clans by clicking on “Clans” tab then click “ranking clans.” Default clans are sorted by the sum of their ELO score the last 4 weeks in the tournament Amnezy (one being the last 3 +), showing what are the most powerful clans in time. A menu can also display the ELO scores that week, or the total sum of scores from each clan ELO there!

What other tournaments?

For the moment only the tournament Amnezy includes a ranking of clans, we plan to offer other tournaments later that will allow clans to compete against each other. Feel free to discuss and propose your ideas on our forum!