[Backyard Monsters] My Little FAQ (Suggestions Anyone?)

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So, hello everyone. I’ve decided to make this thread so that the same questions won’t be asked over and over again, and hopefully get rid of some of those threads…

So, here is it:

The Official Backyard Monsters FAQ (and some not so Frequently Asked) Thread!

Great Little Resource.

Table of Contents:

Attacking and Defending.

The World Map.


Thank you everyone who helped.

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Attacking/Defending/Yard Questions!


How do I kill this yard?
Answer: Either ask here, or go here.

How good is my yard?
Answer: You’ll have to go to this thread.

How do you make the best yard?
Answer: I honestly don’t want to make these posts the longest one in history, so can go to the following links:
  • Here.
  • Or if you’re lazy, this.


    What should I attack when I run out of resources?
    Answer: (Note: This is only really for World Map…) Dreadnaut level 31 and 43, Abunakki 42, and Kozu level 33 and up all usually give very nice resources. If you literally have no goo, try looking here for Fomor, use one Zafreeti and six ichi for drull, and one zafreeti and some ichi for Gorgo

    What happens when my base gets destroyed?
    Answer: You’ll be able to fully repair in the maximum of an hour, with 36 hours (one and a half days) of Protection from player attacks. Wild monsters will still be able to attack.


    What are the most important buildings in my yard?
    Answer: Your Town Hall and Silos are the most important, followed by your Champion Cage, then by defensive towers (order for those: Aerial Defense Towers, Railguns, Quake Towers, Magma Towers, Laser Towers, Tesla Towers, Sniper Towers, and Cannon Towers), then Hatcheries, second to last are Resource Gatherers, and the rest are everything else (i.e. Yard Planner, Map Room, etc.)

    Why do I need a good base in the first place? They can all be destroyed easily, right?
    Answer: Well, that’s true, but the easier it is to attack, the more resources you’ll lose.

    I don’t get what the links say.
    Answer: (Not a question :P) No, I’m not that mean. Basically, place your Town Hall/Silos in the center of that rectangle (people can fling outside of it!), protect your silos/Town Hall with blocks with openings, and puy traps in those openings. Then place the defensive towers around them, and pretty much do the same thing as you did with the silos. Lastly, make a ring of “useless” buildings to stall the enemy around the yard.

    What monsters are the best for attacking?
    Answer: For lower levels, stick with ichis and pokeys. For medium levels, ichis and zafreetis. For the World Map, use Daves and Zafreetis. The best champion for attacking main yards is Fomor, but for Outposts it’s Drull.
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    The World Map: What is it and what you can do on it.


    How do you get on this supposedly marvelous thing?
    Answer: Upgrade your map room.

    Why is it so exciting in the first place?
    Answer: It offers lots of new challenges, and doesn’t limit you to attacking player yards.

    What do the different levels of Wild Monsters mean?
    Answer: It means different yards and more resources gained from leveling them (most of the time).


    What is an Outpost
    Answer: It’s basically a mini yard.

    How do you make an Outpost?
    Answer: You can either destroy a Wild Monster Yard and take it over, or take someone else’s. It takes a certain amount of resources every time you take though, and it steadily increases until it reaches 20 million of each resource.

    What is the point of having Outposts?
    Answer: They give you more resources steadily, and they give you something to brag about. :P

    What do starter kits do?
    Answer: They give you a little boost on making Outposts nice; they save you lots of effort making blocks.

    How do you kill huge empires?
    Answer: You really don’t. If he’s destroying you a ton, you have to recycle your map room or get help form a friend.

    What is this jumping thing?
    Answer: For 10 million resources EACH, you can move to a friends Outpost. For 30 million resources each, you can move to your own Outpost. Either way, the Outpost is lost.

    Which map am I on?
    Answer: There’s probably around 60 by now, but it goes by the name of the 0×0 coordinate of the map you’re on.


    What is this… thing on the left side of my yard?
    Answer: It’s the entrance to Inferno. First, you have to fend off 4 attacks spaced a minimum of 12 hours apart. Then, you have to destroy seven of the yards inside Inferno to get your Inferno base.

    What’s the difference in between Inferno Bases and your regular bases?
    Answer: It has different resources, and it’s a different “map.”

    So, what is there to do?
    Answer: Same thing as you usually do in your regular base, really. Here is the complete stuff to do there. It seems I already covered most of this.

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    What are these so called alliances?
    Answer: Use the application on the first posts.

    How do you get into one?
    Answer: Use the application on the first posts.

    Which alliances are good?
    Answer: Look at this.

    I want to make my own!
    Answer: Not exactly a good idea these days… But if want to, use this template and make sure you don’t have a bad reputation.


    How do I get respect around here? It seems like a good thing to have.
    Answer: Have good grammar, and don’t spam and be an idiot.

    Should I make a guide?
    Answer: Not if you don’t know what you’re talking about…

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    Bugs and Glitches:

    Base Bugs:

    My base is the same as my alt’s!
    Solution: Give it a few hours to fix itself. It should fix from anywhere in between an hour and a day.

    My base won’t load!
    Solution: Ask here, since it would be a huge variety of errors

    My base now looks like my old base!
    Solution: Refresh. Your level will probably be lessened by quite a bit, but besides that, nothing will have happened.

    Lost a [insert building]…
    Solution: Well, you probably accidentally recycled it. Sorry, nothing can be done.


    Level/World Map Bugs:

    My level jumped up to 44!
    Solution: I wonder why you’re complaining… It’s a nice gift. Actually, you were probably level 34 or 37 when this happened, it just weird.

    My level dropped on the friend list!
    Solution: Leveling up again fixes it.

    It just said I need to build my Map Room when I wanted to take over an Outpost.
    Solution: Ignore that, it’s just a useless bug.

    I just lost all of my Outposts in one day!
    Solution: You either recycled your Map Room, were attacked by a huge empire builder, or jumped to a friend.

    My map is really laggy!
    Solution: Refresh and give it a little time. It happens quite a bit.

    There’s a blank name Outpost.
    Solution: This happens when the friend bar only displays you. Don’t worry, nothing bad happens.

    Attacking/Defending “Glitches” (Or things often seen as glitches)

    The defender’s Fomor made my monsters stop doing anything!
    Solution: Sorry. Nothing can be done, so your probably just failed that attack…

    My [insert monster] disappeared randomly!
    Answer: It probably stepped on a booby trap or heavy trap.

    Other random bugs:

    I didn’t get the Map Room2 achievement!
    Answer: Submit a “missing achievement” here:

    I can’t view attack logs or send gifts!
    Solution: Refresh, as usual.

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    Last one, I think.

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    Future Updates:

    Probably not going not happen.

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    Good idea, Dvd.

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    Yeah like the create your own alliance thread. Great Idea

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    Originally posted by Spyder:

    Good idea, Dvd.

    Thanks :)

    Originally posted by crankdat:

    Great Idea

    Second intelligent comment from crank? The other part… Not so much…

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    Placeholder for suggestions.

    Dragonalx’s Outpost Guide.

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    Good reference guide.

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    Thx DVD I’m working on it :) what was the first?

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    Great guide!

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    This sorta seems like a bunch of threads put together o.e

    We kind of already have a question thread. Most of these would be answered there. Although I do see the good intention here.
    Good Luck ;D

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    To split the question thread makes it more easy to find the right answers to different questions, I think it’s a good idea. It would be best to have a link-structure in one thread, but as it is not possible here, I’m fine with this solution.

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    Originally posted by JohannSchinder:

    To split the question thread makes it more easy to find the right answers to different questions, I think it’s a good idea. It would be best to have a link-structure in one thread, but as it is not possible here, I’m fine with this solution.

    I’d prefer this be the new question thread. I’m sure that wont happen though.

    Usually people with questions wont look at the first post to see if the question has been answered. Take the “Tech Support” or “Question Thread” for example.

    Both threads have answered many questions, but both threads answer the same questions almost every week over and over again. For threads such as these, the first post isn’t entirely important >.> Sadly..

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    Originally posted by dragonologist23:

    Dragonalx’s Outpost Guide.

    It’s a bit outdated though…

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    First page! Request SHTICKY!

    I like the FAQ. Just don’t quit halfway through like Neak’s base-building guide. :P

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    I was too lazy to read it :( Does this mean I shall remain an ignorant noob forever?

    Edit: Nevermind, I read it. I am now an experienced pro at BYM :) Great job, dvd! I hope this keeps down the number of question threads that pop up all the time.

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    Ya and what was the first DVD?

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    Originally posted by crankdat:

    Ya and what was the first DVD?

    The dvd was first invented in 1995. Some of the first movies that came out on dvd were “The Mask” and “Austin Powers.” I hope that answers your question, crank. :)

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    The cost of OPs steadily increase until they cap at 20mil. Might want to fix that, dvd.

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    For lower elves

    Think this is a typo, other than that, great guide! :)