[Battle Storm]1v2 rated

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I am strongly suggesting mokito to add this mode into rated.

Very strong players are not many in this game.
I think only me and andrea have top gear, and then captain rawr/quizicals/dreamer/big daddy joe are decent, but no top gear.

However as u can figure out, its very difficult to get a fair game going at top levels, so top ranks are mostly decided by managing to get unfair games going.

I think 1v2 1v3 or even 1v4 games are a decent solution.

For example, if i created a 1v2 rated game, only people between -50 and -350 of my own rating could join and try to beat me 2v1.

1v3 could be between -100 and -400
1v4 could be between -150 and -450

Obviouly the game mode would be CTF, so being a high number team IS a strong edge (in something like team deathmatch i could very easily win, but CTF its not so sure).

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once i get cyborg helm ill have full “top gear”