[Skyshard Heroes] [Dev] Conquest Season 1

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Conquest has begun! Each tile scores points every 6 hours of control:
Fortification: 5 points
Guild Hall: 10 points
Bastion: 50 points
Regular Tile: 1 point

At the end of the season we will give out special rewards:
The #1 Faction will get an exclusive Relic, Orb, and Lens.
The #2 Faction will get the Orb and Lens.
The #3 Faction will get the Lens.
In addition, we will reward all factions that reach certain milestones of points. More details on these rewards soon.

The exclusive Conquest rewards are as follows:

Blight Charm, Relic: Splashes an area with a corrosive liquid that decays for 15 damage/second for 20 seconds. +25 maximum Mana. 30 second cooldown.

Iridescent Lens: +55 Attack, +20 Speed, +8 Armor

Orb of True Sight: Tower damage/Building health +25%. Tower Range +2