[Striker Superstars] Game suggestions

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here is alot of suggestions :

at the moment i it takes 2 long to setup a good match (2 good teams vs eachother)
and in order to do it your normally gotta switch to one of the low pop servers to make it work. A better que system would do alot for the game, that combined with clubs and turnaments would also add some more end game contend to the game.

The new ref system needs a big teak in my oppinion. its cool that we now got refs with driffrent personas but the way they are setup currently is not working that well. At the moment they don´t call any fouls and because of that i have plenty of times now slided into people with no ball just because there is no consequence at all. A red card is very rare atm. This combined with the new “slide fest” AI is also abit over the top in my oppinion … its cool that they can slide but right now thats all they do.

I would like to see some new celebrations with roots in musik and dance. Who dossen’t wanna dance gangnam style down the pitch or do a “moonwalk” after a goal.

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a feature for transfering gear (boots, base layer ect.) to friends would be awesome. So if you got a friend with no $ or who just started playing you can just transfer some gear.

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it would be nice if people from kongregate could post on striker superstars website in the official forums so the stuff we write is all gathered in one place.