[Senatry] General Quiz Rules

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To avoid misunderstandings and problem here are the rules that will used in quizes:

1. Each quiz consists of 2 rounds: normal and bonus. Winning bonus question gives you double rewards (reward is usually 1 chip + 1 bugle – but it may change).
2. Each player is limited to 1 win in each round.
3. Quizes come in 2 sizes:
a. mini-quiz: 5 normal questions, 2 bonus questions
b. standard-quiz: 10 normal questions, 3 bonus questions
4. Players must give answers in 1 line (it matters when answers consists of more than 1 word)
5. First player to give correct answer wins.
6. If a member of staff (GM or PG) answers first, then the player who answered as second also gets a reward (of course assuming there is such player).
7. If the quiz maker chooses to only accept correct spelling that will be stated at the beginning of quiz and/or along with the question. Otherwise some “small” variation in the answer is allowed. The acceptance of such is at the discretion of the quiz maker.
8. There are bound to be issues and discrepencies, due to chat moving fast and peoples answers being missed, please use these options to try to fix the issue, so quiz can continue to move along:
A) If an answer is missed (happens, chat scrolls fast sometimes) – PM. It’s more visible than world chat and corrections can be made immediately.
B) If you have objections about the answer (you believe it was incorrect for example), then PM so quiz giver is aware of it. But please wait until end of quiz with discussing it – if you are right , corrections can then be made. Taking screenshot of chat and sending it to me then would help greatly.
C) Players may win max of 2 questions with main and/or alt accounts. UNLESS there is major shortage of players or no one else guess. The winning of question will be at the discretion of Staff giving the quiz.

If by some reasons quiz-maker would like to run a quiz with modified rules, it will be stated before the quiz.

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Dear players ,
Please go through the rules to understand better.