[WarFlow] Sep 26 Improvements-- Werewolf Battle and Treasure Rush

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1. Drop rate increased: normal attack x2, force attack storm x4, plat. storm x5, supre storm x6
2. Force attack 30% discount
3. Textile times purchase without VIP limit and Max price is 20 gold
4. Hero Improvement 30% discount
5. Farm productivity x3

1. New Version 3.3
2. Werewolf Battle
3. Treasure Rush
4. Receive 1 collector box when online 8 hour (only 1 collector box per day)
5.Totem Slot 30% discount, Inventory Slot 30% discount

Time Duration: Sep 26 Maintenance to October 10 Maintenance


1.New Version 3.3

2.Werewolf Battle

Introduce: Werewolf troops 100% appear in the any special battles in the event duration. Kill the werewolf troops and open treasure maps, you will have chance to get wonderful items. The Max MCU cost in special battle is 3.

Map Drops:

3.Treasure Rush

A.Event Rule

Each treasure map will reward 1 score during the event period, and big amount silver will be awarded when your scores reach the following points

Daily Reward(reset at 05:00 PDT daily)

Cumulative Reward

Treasure Map Ranking Rewards:

1. Top 30 players will be able to claim rewards after October 10 maintenance by clicking the reward button.
2. Daily rewards reset at 5:00 AM PDT every day
3. If two players have same scores, the system will decide the rank position based on players’ reputation>level>character created time.

WarFlow Team