[WarFlow] Version 3.3: New Synthesize System and New Maps

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New Map

Two new war maps are available, which are Draenam in Yue and Donfitgus in Syanbi.

1.PR Background

Draenam is blessed with extraordinarily beautiful mountains and rivers and comfortable weather. People here are living on farming as well as making weapons of different sorts of metal from their abundant mountains. Protected by the precipitous mountains, the aggressive Draenam people form an armed legion to fight against the centralists.

Around Shelarm River and Logh River located the Donfitgus, occupied by HuvenSyanbians. Huvens are the descendants of Huns, which makes them distinctive from other clans in Syanbi.

2. Unlock Requirement

New PR Draenam will be unlocked once Saiswayin Yue is conquered. Lv 160 will be approachable once Draenam is conquered.

New PR Donfitgus will be unlocked once Tchi is conquered.

3. Hero Introduction

4. Elite Force Introduction

Open LV160

Lv 160 will be approachable once Fijam in Draenam in Yue is conquered.

1. All of your buildings can be upgraded to lv160

2. The signal flag, arming, armoring, charging, ranking, engineering and scouting of techs can be upgraded to lv160, while enhancement, occupation and capture can be upgraded to lv80

3. Your heroes can be upgraded to 160

4. Equip enhancement level can reach lv16

5. The cloth of textile mill can be upgraded to lv80, and the third textile worker can be upgraded to lv20 once the second textile worker reaches lv20 and reincarnates.

8 New Glyphs

8 new Glyphs are available:

Synthesize System

1. Synthesize system will be available in Armory menu when TC reaches LV100.

2. New item: Sacred Jewel (White Tiger Jewel, Azure Dragon Jewel, Saint Rosefinch Jewel and Saint Tortoise Jewel) – necessity to synthesize equip

3. Ways to obtain Sacred Jewel: events, fortune wheel, digger, black market and special battle.

4. Synthesis system introduction:

(1)Orange equips can be synthesized from purple equips, while pink equips can be synthesized from orange equips.

(2)You can view related Sacred Jewel of different qualities, kinds and levels as long as the amount of Sacred Jewel you have and the amount required to synthesize one equip.

(3)The equip you wish to synthesize shall be unequipped and automatically moved to inventory. Besides, the equip you wish to synthesize has no upgrade level limitation, the system will accordingly transfer the upgrade level of the former equip to the new equip after synthesis. The level transference is based on the amount of silver that costs to upgrade the equip.

(4)If the equip has been forged before synthesis, the effect still remains in the new synthesized equip.

(5)The success rate of equip synthesis is always 100%, as long as the amount of Sacred Jewel meets relative requirement.

5. The synthesis of your equip will be announced in the server channel.

New Totem Talent

1. Unlock talent: orange totem

2. New item—Divine Jewel, used to boost the talent of orange quality totem. The maximum is lv26(6-6)

3. Divine jewel can be obtained from digger, war, fortune wheel and events.

4. Each level has a related success rate and cool-down time. You can use blood jewel or gold to make the success rate 100%.

You can use gold to clear the cool-down time.

5. When selling a totem, 60% of the resources consumed in the totem talent will be restituted.

Optimization and Adjustment

1. Warstar system interface optimization

After you double-kick or drag the starsoul into the slot, the border of the slot will turn into white, and the current starsoul status will be displayed in the right-hand column. When the combination is completed, the combined starsoul will automatically be set as major starsoul, and the current major starsoul status will be displayed in the right-hand column.

2. New Warstar function—Starsoul Transference

After clicking the one-key transference button, you can select the heroes whose starsoul you wish to transfer, and you can view the current heroes attribute and starsoul.

When click OK, a warm tip comes up: The transferred starsoul will be placed into the slot according to current hero. If the target slot hasn’t been unlocked, the related starsoul will not be transferred!

For example,if hero A has unlocked the fifth starsoul slot while hero B has not, the starsoul of hero A in the fifth starsoul slot will not be transferred with the starsouls in other slots.

On the contrary, if hero B has unlocked the fifth starsoul slot while hero A has not, the starsoul of hero B in the fifth starsoul slot will not be transferred with the starsouls in other slots.

3. Equip Transference Function

When click OK, a warm tip comes up:If the hero doesn’t meet the requirement, the related equip will not be transferred!

For example, if hero is at lv120 and uses lv120 equips, while hero B is at lv140 and uses lv140 and lv120 equips, only those lv120 equips that hero A can use will be transferred.

4. Daily Quest Optimization

On the occasion where players has already accepted a daily quest, a warm tip comes up when players click again to accept quest—Give up current quest and accept new quest?

5. Team Joining Optimization

If players click and accept a team invitation in the chat window while having already set up or joined a team, they will automatically dismiss or exit current team and join into the new one.

6. Arena Reward Optimization

Previously, the rank reward is automatically granted to the winning player on the next day. From now on, the reward is sent to the mailbox of the player, and a claim reward button is added in the informed letter (same as Therion War reward claiming function). In the meantime, arena winning streak reward is also granted in the mode of receiving from mail.

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