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Hello everyone, Zero Tolerance is currently looking for very active heros (daily, preferably with enough time to train and do missions). All levels are welcome, but we give priority to lvls 30+.
Zero Tolerance is currently ranked 18th, and we usually always stay in the top 20. We’re a donuts-free team, and a daily 500 coins donation is asked (not demanded) for lvl 30+, lower levels being exempted from donating.

If you are interested and think you can be active enough, contact our leader Firfiris, or any of our advisors, for an invite!
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After nearly a month, a small update to the situation :D

Zero Tolerance, a top 20 team with F2P players is looking for 2 members. Preferably lvl 40+, no donuts donations are required and if one wants to donate coins, only a small amount is asked for. All we require from new (and old) members is to be active daily, training and leveling as much as possible and reporting for the daily fights!

If you’re interested or have any additional questions, contact Irutan, and he will answer as quickly as possible!

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Eh, it is only 40% expansion, many teams even outside of top20 have better expansion, so your recruitment topic doesnt’t stand much of a chance imo