[Galaxy Life] Level = penalty stat. Research = 99% downgrade

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Per topic, would just like to suggest revamping of the level system and research progression.

For research, only S-trike is worth researching, very few other units also deserve a L1 research (Starlinator, zooks, beetles for example) though that’s debatable.

I think whoever made the progression statistics don’t understand the concept of power to cost ratio, increasing damage by 10% and adding 50% to its cost is not an upgrade. Yes you can pack more power into less stargate capacity but it’s not even close to what it’s worth.

Inadvertently the poorly designed research progression also renders alliance reward pointless. Currently alliance can reward you with L7 research for certain units, except all the research are big downgrades for most units. What’s alliance really for? Nothing beyond the social aspect (which admittedly is good nough for me) and an excuse to get attacked more.

Also comparing S-Trikes progression to other unit it’s clear that the research progression was heavily neglected in terms of attention and thoughtfulness.

The easiest way to do a proper research progression is probably to hold cost constant and make small stat upgrade per level (Prevent scenarios where you need to have the cheaper version), a more rational stat distribution is needed also (look at tank vs trike’s hp progression…).

At for player level, this is also a very poorly designed area. As it stand a higher level means you can’t engage lower level (by more then -1) to loot, it also heavily modifies alliance war points, making a high level give out huge amount of war points and thus a big liability.

An issue is that player level isn’t really directly linked to player power, you can get exp just from fighting, and building high level walls is a sure way to inflate your level. Attacking higher level (then you) players in alliance also give huge xp, I once gained 3 levels in 1 battle, I’ve never done it again.

When you look at level in a vacuum and in what it does for a player, there’s no pro, only penalties.

For example, I’ve worked to keep my exp low (don’t build high lvl wall, ignore high lvl target in war, don’t fight more then needed and only to procure upgrade materials, try not to destroy high xp target like stargates …etc) and I’m further along in base development and general power then some players twice my level.

It’s beyond lolzy that I can use high xp value low kill utility building like stargate as a deterent defenses, making attacker gain big penalty xp. (position it so it has to be destroyed to reach value target like housing, mine, banks, starbase)

Just some issues for you to take back to the development team.

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A well thought out comment with some important points and good advice. I hope the devs read and consider the issues it raises.

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Honestly I disagree on the upgrades being downgrades issue. Sure it makes them cost more, but the main issue I have with mounting an attack is getting enough good dudes in the warpgates not the cost of the dudes. So paying a more for better units is perfectly fine.

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Originally posted by aj2000:

…Yes you can pack more power into less stargate capacity but it’s not even close to what it’s worth…

The problem is that the increase in cost is so drastic it can’t even come close to be justified for the bonus of fitting in more power in less stargate capacity. Only very few units have a reasonable cost : power ratio incremental for research, which is mainly S-trike, and to a debatable point starlinator and some other units.

Also you reach a point where packing in battle power into limited stargate isn’t too big an issue in terms of destroying base with 2 attempts, that’s when you get 2 planets with tech 7 colossus, each with 3 L6 stargate.

Let’s look at falcon for example, L6 falcon has 30% more hp, 30% more damage, and cost almost 500% more gold, coming in at a whooping 174k gold each at L6. I can’t begin to see how anyone can possible see this as a favorable “upgrade”.

Zeps at L6 has 25% more hp, 60% more damage, +.25 speed, and cost almost 550% more gold, coming in at a whooping 1.5 million gold each at L7, in fact it is so extreme that starting in L5 upgrade, it cannot make back it’s gold even if it attacks a gold generating building for 6 straight minutes non-stop, if this isn’t a warning sign that the design is messed up, I don’t know what is.

Starlinator would be a debatable case that I’d say could be reasonable, at L7 it has 150% more hp, 233% more damage, 25% faster attack speed (on top of 233% damage), .25 speed. THIS can possibly justify the 800%+ increased cost, though there’re certainly cases where you’d rather use the cheaper version.

The best upgrade, Trike at L6, get 470% more hp, 750% more damage, 290% more attack speed, .3 speed, for 500% increase cost. Compare this to other unit progression… see a problem? Beetle tanks get 50% more hp at L7, ending with 3700 hp, compared to trike’s 8000 hp at L6.

The worst unit research progression needs to be pulled up to the level of at minimum starlinator with perhaps some stat adjustment and role rethinking done, tone down trike’s upgrade to within the mortal realm, give each unit type a better focus (trike on damage, tank on HP …etc) in accordance with its role as rethought, and cost increase needs to be reasonable.

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Ughhh man you know recrearching disbenefits you SO BADLY youl need a base that has 100 building with 100000 cash each to it to pay back what kind of recearch is that? recearch or do you mean Decearch? Wel if theer was something that let your units come back thats MUCH BETTER

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I do have to agree i play it at silver games and the amount of money you can loot is annoying cause when i’m down enough so you can loot it all i’m gone.