[Crazy Fairies] My axe mysteriously dissapeared!!

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Ok this is what happened

I was selling my stuff in my “Home” and suddenly it bugged up and saw my level 3 axe was gone i didn’t panicked yet but after i saw no trace of my level 3 axe in the “Weapons” tab i was shocked! and mysteriously no warning pop-up!

I was really dissapointed my Lv.3 Axe was gone it had a good stat too! :(

Please help! this problem was 3-4 weeks ago cause i can’t seem to find spicyworld forums before..

If anyone can help,please do :)

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3-4 weeks ago ??

Hmmmm…… well we can certainly have a look for you to see if it’s still possible to find out what happened.

So it was a Lv3 Axe ?
What’s your in game name ?

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Yes and my name is Mister_Cat..