[Eredan iTCG] Dark Tower Compilation

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Adventure mode’s one of the most complicated campaigns that shows further development once a month. It’s worth farming, because most rooms cost 12 energy and give a cards, some places even two cards. Also with new content released every month, there are new challenges as well as prizes. So what do you need to beat the tower?

Ground Floor

Near the Dark Tower

Dark Tower Entrance

Note: plays Aging and Celerity, but without big turn boosts

Ground Floor: Right Door

Note: hidden effect delays activation of cards what effectively cancels actions and spells, but leaves items attached but inactive until the end of the fight

Ground Floor: Central door

Note: every time you play a card, a slime pet attaches to one of your characters, when one of them reaches three of those pets, he/she will die; hidden effect removes cards from deck

Ground Floor: Left Door (BOSS)

Hidden Trophies:
- perfect in mission 3, 4 n 5
- play pirate golem in mission 3
- kill 300 undead in mission 1
- win mission 5 (the tracker) using each guild once

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First Floor

Firt Floor: Big Hall

Note: hidden effect – can play up to 3 corruptions from his discard pile

First Floor: Right Door (BOSS)

First Floor: Left Door

First Floor: Secret Roon

Note: Unlocks randomly after defeating the hydra and the egg; hidden effect crates and plays Magic Poison

Hidden trophy:
- Gain a series of victories in each ground and 1st floor missions in the dark tower

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Second Floor

Second Floor: Landing

Note: You and your opponent cannot lose by mechanical discarding, you can drop gag item: Ghost Mask

Second Floor: Corridor

Note: You and your opponent cannot lose by mechanical discarding

Second Floor: Passageway

Second Floor: Hall (BOSS)

Second Floor: Back Room (BOSS)

Note: hidden effect after cards have been played – crates and plays Magic Poison, hidden effect when Toxik has between 0 to 10 HP – heal 20 HP

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Third Floor, all rooms have special card restrictions

Third Floor: Another Corridor (first)

Third Floor: Another Corridor (second)

Note: Hidden effect: both of them start with Sacred Sword of Avalonia

Third Floor: at the end of the Corridor (BOSS)

Third Floor: Blockade Passage

Note: One of them revives every second turn (unconfirmed), another’s hidden effect discards your cards to discard pile

Secret Room (BOSS)

Note: Nivaly prevents Toxik from taking damage

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Great guide. I needed a refreshed on the bosses for the current event and this helped a ton. Thanks Ferrus!

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Not sure why I thought Ferrus did this guide. Thanks a lot, h43m!