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I think I might start a series of card reviews where I will give 1 to 5 points for each card and a little description.

Today we start with a classic card from CORE:

1) Rapid Wolf
Common Creature Card
Unaligned Beast
Mana Cost: 3
Stats: 2 Attack 1 HP
Abilities: Haste

Rapid Wolf is a decent card, easily acquirable even for newbie players. For 3 mana you get a creature that can attack in the same turn it has been summoned. It gives your deck more speed. You can eliminate most basic threats that have 1-2 HP (without armor) before they can attack.
A drawback is that it has only 1 hp.
But with the help of some cards like…

War drums (+1 Attack)
Beast Master : +1health, + can’tbe stolen by Fae’s Charm

…it can turn into a real threat.
Most people prefer Swift Ghoul (Undead Creature) over Rapid Wolf because of the extra 1 hp but same mana cost and abilities.

I will give this card 3/5 points.

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Can other people review cards? (Like me?)

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yes please! this should be a thread for reviews!!! just don’t forget to put all card info and rate it from 1 to 5 points :D

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Review 2:

2) Mage Mantle – Uncommon Core Card
Unaligned Gear
Mana Cost 4
Effect: On your turn: hero gains 1 Mana.

Mage mantle is an interesting gear card. For 4 mana, you get 3 mana each round instead of the standard 2. Many decent cards cost 3 mana so with one mantle you can play a decent card every turn without “burning” 1 card for 1 mana. If you play a second mantle you get 4 mana each round, which can give you a huge mana advantage to an opponent with no mantles.

The weakness of Mage mantle is simple: it’s a gear. If your opponent runs shatter/smelt/Return to elements (some even have the mighty Blunderbuss card), you will be “uncloaked” very fast and you will lose your mana advantage.

Good combos:
Mage mantle + mage mantle + etc. → become the mana king
Mage mantle + duplicate = same as above
Mage mantle + charge staff (EVE) = you don’t lose one mana each round and gain +1 charge for each ability
Mage mantle vs Frost bark Ent = he burns 1 mana, u gain 1 → even out his effect before you take him out (get rid of this opponent’s card quickly! ;) )
Mage mantle + Mana sprite = huge mana production :)
Mage Mantle + Mage Ring (EVE) = apart from getting a huge style bonus as a mage ;) you can play your spell cards almost for free :D

Now for the points:

3/5 in any deck
4/5 in a Dravkas/ Gear based deck with duplicate etc. (you can copy them and get a huge mana advantage)

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Card Review 3

3) Fireball – Rare Core Card
Elemental Spell
Mana Cost 3
Deals 3 Elemental Damage to traget creature and 1 Elemental Damage to its adjacent creatures.

Ah, the good old fireball. Don’t mistake it with FireBOLT (2 mana cost 2 damage common spell).

Here is a list of creatures that u can take out with ONE simple fireball (for 3 mana):

- 3 spirit gathering spirits with 1/1 each
- 3 lightning blitz boltlings
- 3 Undead 1/1 skeletons
- Any 3 monsters with 1 health
- > If there are 2 monsters with 1 health on each side of the board, throw the fireball in the middle to deal 1 splash damge to the creature in both corners (this is for the new players, the veterans know that :D

Now for 1vs1 → Fireball elminates →

- Vengeful Titan, Swift Ghoul, Mana Sprite, Angel (Akatril Summon), Demolition golem, Gatling gnome, Fire spawn, Rapid Wolf, Captain of the guard, Undying Acolyte (Reassambles to a 1/1 Skeleton, I know :), Headless Horseman, Faithful Worshipper etc etc etc.

As you can see, this card is so powerful that I couldn’t find a reason NOT to put in in any deck → only becomes a bad draw when the opponent doesn’t run ANY monsters.

- Fireball is weak vs monsters with 4+ health → use it to weaken the creature and finish off with Sylph assasin or Swift ghoul (or another fireball/bolt)

- vs. Skybreaker Giant → u need 3 fireballs to take him down (9 mana → 1 more than a Skybrekaer giant costs)


Gift of the mystics + fireball + fireball = deal 6 damage for 4 mana.

- Now for the final rating:

5/5 in any deck (I would suggest to give it a “Staple card” status, if u disagree please write your comments)

- 0/5 vs a deck that runs no monsters :D → there arent many decks like that out there.

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Card Review 4

4) Skybreaker Giant – Epic Core CArd
Ancient Creature – Giant Warrior

Splash / Intimidate / Ranged
Mana cost :8

Stats: 3 Attack 8 HP
Card Text: This creature is indestructible (“Destroy” effects do not work on this creature, however lethal damage will kill it)

Today’s review is the first epic card – the mighty Skybreaker Giant.
It is the creature with the most Attack + HP combined (3+8=11)
There is only one other creature with same HP (Tower of Gnomes – 8 HP).

Skybreaker Giant is a major threat…. if you can get him on the board somehow. 8 mana is the highest cost for a card in Kingdoms CCG and it takes ages / many cards burnt to get skybreaker out → unless you use some tricks like Virtuous Sumon (Bahamut) or cards like Spell bridge, Great Summoner, or maybe ancient priestess (costs become only one mana less → not very effective)

But IF you get him out and the opponent hasn’t got any of the counter cards mentioned below, the duel can come to an end very quickly. With some support, his splash can wipe the board quickly and ur weaker monsters can attack directly. If you are facing a Giant, get rid of him quickly or block him with 1/1 1 mana cost creatures until reinforcements arrive.

Good combos with skybreaker:

Skybreaker + Doppelganger(EVE)= 2 Skybreakers :)
Skybreaker + Belnir = Heal your Giant and give him armor.
Skybreaker + Etheral Flight → do you believe in flying giants?
Skybreaker + Ancient War Mask (EVE) = if his intimidate gets very high, he becomes unstoppable in combat.
Skybreaker+Obliterate (Bahamut skill) → wipe the board and attack for 3 damage (4 with virtuous summon) directly
Skybreaker+Empower (EVE) → he becomes a 6/11 beast with no skills.

Skybreaker counters:

Spells: Golemnify (he turns into a 2/2 golem), Pacify (EVE) (he can’t attack), Disarm (EVE) (-2 Attack)
Torment+Fear= turn him undead and return him into opponents hand.

Creatures: Soothesayer (EVE) = creature that can stop ANY creature from attacking, even the Skybreaker giant
Abysmal Dragon(Promo) → Creature (7 mana) than returns opposing creature into controllers hand

Undertow (Jorma skill) → cuts half of his HP

Now for the points: 4/5 in any deck (because of high mana cost)
5/5 in a Bahamut Deck → if you use virtuous summon, have fun with a 4attack/9HP Creature!

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I) Dwarven Battle Rig
2) Vengeful Titan
3) Fireball
4) Thunder Cat
5) Sylph Assasin
6) Illusionist
7) Hero Ring
8) Quickdraw Cannon
9) Horde of Wyrms
10) Nature’s Retribution

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Good topic, keep em coming.

I’d say faes charm is better than natures retribution tho..unless you’re Jorma

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UPDATED 5th November Card Review 5)


Epic cards are hard to get, Legendary Cards are… “Legandaryly” hard to get :D → but with the right Rare Cards you can build a decent deck.
Here is a list of 10 Rares you should get your hands on.
I personally award them a “STAPLE” Status (=which means they are useful in almost ANY Deck)

the order 1-10 is not the ranking, just a listing:

I) Dwarven Battle Rig:

I got 4 of them …. too bad I use Bahamut ^ ^.

Alchemy Creature – Construct
Card Text: On Attack: deal 1E Damage to opponent.
Stats: 2 ATK /4 HP
Mana Cost 4
Volatile 1

This is probably one of the best or the best attacking creatures for 4 mana.
When it attacks directly, it deals 3 damage.
When it attacks a blocker, it does 1 damage.
When it dies, it deals 1 volatile damage.
4 health is just amazing.With the right support cards (Etheral Flight, Holy Blessing etc.) you can make it almost unstoppable.

Counters (same mana cost or less)

2x Firebolt
Berserker Gnome
Demolition Golem
Sylph Assasin + Jormas innate = 4 damage

total points 5/5 in any deck.

II) Vengeful Titan

Stats 3 ATK / 3 HP
5 Mana Cost
Card Text: On Enter: Deal 2ATK Damage to opponent:

Vengeful Titan… also know as “the Finisher”.
I don’t know how many times I have lost / won a duel because of this card.

The 2 damage on entering is massive. There are 3 other cards that deal 1 damage on entering: Reeking Fleshbag (must be the smell of this rotten creature), Swiftshot Ranger (fires an arrow upon entering I guess) and Battle Mage (EVE) (1E damage instead of 1ATK but it’s basically the same – maybe he fires a Sparkshot upon entering)

But back to the Titan → it has also some disadvantages: the 5 mana cost and the low hp for 5 mana → 3 HP.
On the other hand, it has the intimidate skill (opposing creatures have -1 ATK) to make up for it.

Vengeful T + Haste (EVE)= for 1 extra mana, deal 5 damage instead of 2!
Vengeful T + Dark Pact → deal even more damage → summon it / tribute it for 3 additional damage
Vengeful T + Power Pendant (EVE) → he either becomes a 5/3 or 3/5 Titan!

so for the points:

4/5 in any deck
5/5 in a Bahamut deck → it deals 3 damage on entering (shockwave innate) and becomes a 4/4 creature with virtuous summon!

3) Fireball – already done

4) Thunder Cat

Rare Elemental Beast
4 mana cost
2 attack
1 HP
On Attack: Deals 1*Elemental damage to each enemy creature.

The (in)famous cat is finally here. This card is one of the 3 4 mana-cost-elemental-haste creatures (the others are Lightning Elemental + Molten Furyball)

Our purr-fect card can destroy 2 or even 3 enemies at once, and very quickly too. It has haste and an “other kind of” splash effect → it deals 1 elemental damage to each creature insted of the 1 physical damage splash which many ancients have.
People who played a Lightning blitz card or other 3 1Hp creatures curse this cat – it can wipe out the board quite easily on its own. In a Jorma/Baha deck, it can deal 3 instead of 2 direct damage easily through the heroes’ innates.

Can’t say much more about the cat, get it if you can!

counters/drawbacks → any resist cards laugh at the cats 1 elemental damage.
with only 1 hp, it dies easily → you will probably suicide with the cat anyway, deal damage and then play ur next creature.

4,5 / 5 in any deck
5/5 in a Baha / Jorma deck.

Reviews of following cards coming up soon:

5) Sylph Assasin
6) Illusionist
7) Hero Ring
8) Quickdraw Cannon
9) Horde of Wyrms
10) Nature’s Retribution

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My First Review

Card Number 1: Reeking Fleshbag
3 Mana Cost
1 ATK/ 4 HP
On enter, deals 1 damage to enemy Hero

Strong VS low damage spells like Fire Bolt. Semi strong against 3 damage sweepers like Ancient’s Ancient’s Stomp. Semi strong vs Holy Bolt too (a card that suppose to counter Undead).
Strong VS low HP, high ATK creatures like Gatling Gnome, Flightless Fae.
Weak VS Armored 1, Regen 1 cards like Temple Guard, Wandering Cleric. Captain of the Guard

Overall rating of this card 3.5/5.

On a bad matchup against a creature with Regen or Armored. This card basically says Prevent 4 (or more) damage to you and deal 1 damage to the enemy Hero for 3 Mana. On a good matchup, this creature can trade with 3/1 or 1/3 and come out ahead with 1 HP still alive! The good matchup against a 3/1 might look like Destroy a 3/1 Creature, Summon a 1/1, deal 1 Damage on enter and deal 1 more damage to enemy Hero when the 3/1 creature turns into a grave.

Hero Combos:

This card combos well with Amarus’s +1 ATK to every Undead Buff since it usually can stick around with its big 4 HP and wait for Amarus to get charges. The Fleshbag is good with Abaddon’s Necrotic Infusion to greatly boost its ATK.

Card Combos:

Dark Sacrfice: Use it on a big game winning creature and the Fleshbag will virtually make it almost immortal with 4 HP along with whatever other creatures the enemy Hero and you have adjcent to it. The loss of the Fleshbag shouldn’t be bad because it has a weak ATK and strong HP. Just think what happens when a Hell Hound suddenly becomes like 4/7 or bigger! It’s gonna take your opponent to town. It might be a card disadvantage when you trade a ton of cards for a 4/7 or bigger (3 cards for a single 4/7 if used Fleshbag, Dark Sacrifce, and Hell Hound +2 life to pay for Hell Hound) for 1 card (Enemy opposing creature). But I will probably bet a 4/7 (or way bigger!) as early as turn 4 or 5 will generally pay for itself.

Transform Potion: Use it when there are no blockers blocking the Fleshbag because the opponent won’t really worry about blocking a 1/4. Surprise them by turning the Fleshbag upside down into a 4/1 and swing for 4 damage! Transform Potion basically acts like a 3 damage to enemy Hero for one turn and give +3/-3 to Fleshbag in that situation. Not too bad in most cases.

Torture: Slap on a Fleshbag to protect your HP and watch as Torture slowly deals 1 damage to every creature and hero every single turn. Fleshbag should be able to take a lot of hits while all the enemy creatures with low HP gets a slow and painful death by Torture. When everyone is low on HP, the 1 damage from Fleshbag should give you a +1 edge to victory! Just be careful when casting Torture against Armored, Regen, and Resist creatures or you’ll be on the receiving end of Torture!

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very good review – I encourage you and others to write more!!!

except one thing -fleshbag doesn’t prevent the torture damage → torture damages heroes and all creatures without armor for 1 damage each turn

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If I stick with the game, I may help with this project. I’m a mtg player, but I don’t completely have a feel for what cards are great yet. Regardless, I really appreciate this thread. Thank you Rawon and Flow.