[Berserk: The Cataclysm] Impressions of a new player

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Opened the game for the first time. Got shown a screen of what’s where. And then the game proceeded to play itself.

Is it always like this? in any CCG, building a good deck is fun, but playing it properly is fun too – in this case it looks like I just get to sit here and watch the computer, which looks both boring and stupid.

Or did I just do something wrong?

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No, this game is absolute trash and in no way worth playing. If you’re here for badges it’ll probably take a few days of on and off play, like the other cash based games that Kongregate has been badging (Those are better, by the way. This is the absolute worst trash I have seen).

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I suppose End_of_Eternity came from Kongai. All other CCG’s will be too hard to play for someone of his intellect.